We Empower.

Empowered is fortunate to have a deep pool of talented and connected mentors who have built substantial businesses in many industries, aligned with many Canadian university labs, and who have made a lot of money from their intimate understanding of what is required to develop awesome market offers with awesome business models.

In addition to the Core Team members guiding and helping you propel your startup forward, we provide you with Mentors and Advisors driven to see you generate huge international sales. We believe the West Coast of Canada is one of the best places in the World to incubate or accelerate your startup.

Core Team

Stephanie Smith

Industrial Designer and Graphics

Matthew Pattinson

Startup Leader

Chang Li

Startup Leader

Rob Adamovsky

Startup Leader

Praveen Varshney


Sean Lumb


Dr. David Vogt


Paul Girodo

Managing Director

Elmien Dicker


Amber Allen

Managing Director

Brenda Enegren

Director - International Markets

Christopher Lennon

President and General Counsel