Learning Objectives

In this program, entrepreneurs will learn how to develop and create a business idea that will iterate and evolve. Each module takes the foundations learned in Innovation & Business Ideation and puts a real-life operations, sales & marketing, financial management and communications lens on the business idea. Upon completion of the courses in this program, the successful entrepreneur will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Develop a business idea that is aligned with the entrepreneur’s passion and personal values through human-centered design thinking process to identify and refine ideas.
  • Create a prototype to validate a business idea for feasibility and market demand.
  •  Create customer user profiles to develop a marketing plan and employ the Attract, Convert, Engage and Monetize framework to their marketing plan.
  • Develop a sales process and identify how to monitor and derive what metrics are meaningful to understanding how to grow the business’s customer base.
  • Identify the importance of brand voice and the importance of a marketing strategy that includes both earned and paid media, partnerships, business development and face to face engagement.
  •  Identifying the opportunities and challenges that are presented when looking at a business model through a global perspective.
  • Employ human resources tools for hiring, firing and most importantly retaining employees.
  • Ability to recognize when it’s time to add resources and equally when it’s time to decrease resources.
  • Understand tools and methods by which to effectively manage teams and projects in a leadership capacity.
  • Develop an 18 month-cashflow budget that shows where sales come from and what marketing channels are being used and whether or not there are enough funds to pay for execution of the plan and identify  types of funding options.
  •  Confidently and effectively communicate with business stakeholders, such as investors, employees, and potential customers.