TheoTech Solutions Ltd. announces major design partnership for its lifesaving solution: EvacCompass

TheoTech Solutions Ltd. announces major design partnership for its lifesaving solution: EvacCompass


Vancouver, B.C — TheoTech Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce its partnership with Essential Designs Ltd. to create the interface for its lifesaving app: EvacCompass. EvacCompass is a comprehensive fire and smoke detection alarm system for multi-unit residential buildings. It features a mobile app that not only alerts residents to a potential danger, but also provides the safest route to exit the building by using real-time information about the nature and location of the danger by interpretating data from heat sensors, smoke detectors, and cameras. This information is also relayed to municipal fire departments, which enables them to faster assist those who may be in danger.

Design partnership provides foundation for working with fire departments and property managers

TheoTech Solutions Ltd. is excited to work with Essential Designs on the initial concept design for the mobile app. This design incorporates months of feedback from various stakeholders and will begin a new phase of feedback and testing with fire departments, property managers, and multiunit residents.

“We are excited to work on this project with a developer like Essential Designs. They have done several successful builds on projects that have social impact and address safety, so it was a natural fit. Going forward we have the foundational designs that we will use to get feedback from fire departments and property managers. It will take all stakeholders to realize our goal.”
— Ivan Siu, CEO of TheoTech Solutions Ltd.

Essential Designs is an app developer experienced in developing solutions that seamlessly integrate with emergency services. In 2020, Essential Designs created the interface for the Lifeguard app, which British Columbia Emergency Health Services uses to protect drug users by alerting ambulance drivers of potential overdoses.

“We are very proud to work EvacCompass. At Essential Designs, we love working with entrepreneurs on new products and ideas.  Bringing new concepts and a vision to life is very rewarding for our team.”
— Scott Jackson, President and Founder of Essential Designs

EvacCompass provides addresses safety concerns in multiunit residential

Increasingly populations are living in multiunit residential buildings rather than single detached houses. For example, data from the 2016 census shows that apartments (44%) outnumber single-detached houses (40%) as the home for Toronto residents. (Campion-Smith) As we live in denser neighbourhoods, we need systems to ensure our collective safety. Through IoT and mobile technologies, we can improve communications to first responders and residents to ensure that in the event of a fire everyone is safe and damages to buildings are minimized.

About TheoTech Solutions Ltd. / EvacCompass

TheoTech Solutions Ltd, founded in 2020, is an innovator in fire protection and life safety products. Ivan Siu, CEO of TheoTech Solutions Ltd, has over 10-years’ experience in fire safety engineering. TheoTech’s first product, EvacCompass, is a mobile app that links the fire alarm and security system with smartphones to provide alerts and safety information in the event of a building evacuation.

Evac Compass

Contact Information

Ivan Siu – CEO
Email:              [email protected]
Address:    420-744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5, Canada



Campion-Smith, Bruce. “More Toronto Residents in Apartments than Detached Houses, Census Finds.”, 3 May 2017, 

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OneFeather and Empowered Nations Partner to Support and Grow Indigenous Entrepreneurship

OneFeather and Empowered Nations Partner to Support and Grow Indigenous Entrepreneurship


July 21, 2021 – In the spirit of collaboration, OneFeather and Empowered Nations will together deepen both reach and support for ambitious Indigenous entrepreneurs and innovators by connecting seed funding to educational training opportunities. In this pilot project, participants of Empowered Nations’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation journey will have access to limited seed funding through the OneFeather APP and OneFeather PAY card.

“OneFeather’s commitment to redefining the Indigenous experience through innovation and tradition is an inspiration to what we do at Empowered Nations. It is an honour to be partnering to together empower Indigenous peoples and Nations through educational technology that supports the growth of Indigenous innovation and entrepreneurship.”

— Naheed Henderson, Empowered Nations

Empowered Nations’ training is designed by and for Indigenous peoples and guides aspiring founders on a ‘learning and doing’ journey starting with just an idea, leading to first sale. With a robust ed-tech platform at the center of the offering and a strong mentorship community as wrap-around, it means no matter location or schedule, Indigenous entrepreneurs can participate in a safe and meaningful journey and be supported throughout.

Access to entrepreneurship and innovation training, mentorship, and networking through Empowered Nations’ robust and accessible EdTech platform coupled with OneFeather’s pre-loaded OneFeather PAY cards and 1FTs (OneFeather Token Rewards) seed funding is intended to support recent alumni and summer cohort members.

“Providing a little seed funding in both cash and 1FTs (OneFeather Tokens) is full circle for OneFeather. The 1FTs are designed to give back wealth to Indigenous communities – a program funded and made possible through the OneFeather Box of Treasures Foundation. This partnership allows the Foundation to give back in a meaningful way – by fostering individual and economic prosperity of Indigenous businesses.”

— Chelsea Josue, OneFeather

Empowered Nations

Empowered Nations offers training to Indigenous entrepreneurs and innovators so they may prosper and RiseUp to their fullest potential. Our 100% virtual, welcoming, and accessible startup journey is focused on both ‘learning’ and ‘doing,’ with wrap-around support from facilitators and experienced Indigenous mentors. EN uses an award-winning educational technology platform designed by and for Indigenous peoples allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to build their new business from home, in community while becoming part of our growing community of Indigenous entrepreneurs and innovators.

Contact: Naheed Henderson, Empowered Nations | [email protected]


OneFeather is an Indigenous technology company redefining the Indigenous experience through tradition and innovation. Founded by Lawrence Lewis of We Wai Kai Nation, OneFeather is grounded in First Nations values and principles. OneFeather offers digital services for resilient Nation-building including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement, and soon a full suite of banking solutions for the individual and Nations. OneFeather has served over 195 First Nations and Métis across Canada and their 237,000+ members. With the launch of dedicated Indigenous banking solutions – OneFeather APP and OneFeather PAY- online status card renewal and application services, and as a leading trust center for sovereign digital Indigenous identity and data, OneFeather continues to serve Indigenous communities across Canada.

Media contact: Chelsea Josue, Manager of Marketing and Business Development | [email protected]

UBC Innovation Grant Awarded to D.I Self-Composite Alloys Inc.

UBC Innovation Grant Awarded to D.I Self-Composite Alloys Inc.


Vancouver, B.C, Jun. 14, 2021 – The pioneering metal technology being developed by D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc., a Vancouver based startup in incubation both at Empowered Startups and [email protected], offers the potential to create lighter and tougher metal components and assemblies.

D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc. is founded by David Funes Rojas and Stefano Fregonese, both Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. candidates at UBC, and recent recipients of a $10,000 Innovation grant from UBC. This grant provides crucial support D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc. requires to realize their true innovation potential as it will fund continued research and the completion of mechanical tests on the primary self-composite alloy samples under development.

“We are proud to announce this important progress of our venture. Thanks to the funds received we will be able to complete an important milestone for our venture, the proof of concept of our self-composite alloys.” said Stefano Fregonese (Director at D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc.)

The additional funding will allow Rojas and Fregonese to complete the mechanical testing, and prove their thesis: ‘heterogeneous materials can be designed and manufactured using cold-spray additive manufacturing.’ Once proven, this mechanical testing will be a critical step of their innovation journey as the team believes heterogeneous materials have great potential that is yet to be explored and utilized. Heterogeneous materials allow for the combination of mutually exclusive properties in one material; for example an end product with a higher strength and increased pliability. Ultimately, this translates into lighter, safer, and more reliable materials.

About D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc.

D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc. develops, designs and manufactures self-composite alloys – highly optimized alloys with heterogeneous structure, designed and built from the microscopic level. They are developing a designing framework free from traditional constraints and assumptions. Their manufacturing approach is an innovative improvement based on thermal spraying additive manufacturing. The venture is focused on scalability, automation, and minimizing waste and energy consumption.

Disruptive Innovation Self-Compositing Alloys Inc

Contact Information

DI-Self Composite Alloys Inc.
Stefano Fregonese – Director
Email:              [email protected]
Phone: +1 778-251-2087


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Fourth HQA program location : Center of Portugal

Fourth HQA program location : Center of Portugal

As of June 2021, the HQA program will be offered in Évora, Portugal. HQA business incubation and R&D can now take place in the Center region’s dynamic ecosystem, approximately an hour east of Lisbon.

Empowered Startups is pleased to announce it has formed a partnership with the University of Évora. This venerated 450 year-old public university serves as the innovation hub for four regional research institutions.

The Évora ecosystem has collective expertise in aeronautics, Industry 4.0, circular economy solutions, and digital health technologies.

Empowered Startups has also established strong ties with PACT, the €8.2 million regional technology park, established in 2015. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a strong base of operations from which HQA participants can grow their professional networks in Portugal.

Empowered Startups na Évora

A partir de junho de 2021, o programa HQA será oferecido em Évora, Portugal. A incubação de empresas HQA e I&D podem agora ocorrer no ecossistema dinâmico da região Centro, cerca de uma hora a leste de Lisboa.

A Empowered Startups tem o prazer de anunciar que formou uma parceria com a Universidade de Évora. Essa venerada universidade pública de 450 anos serve como centro de inovação para quatro instituições regionais de investigação.

O ecossistema de Évora possui expertise coletiva em aeronáutica, Indústria 4.0, soluções de economia circular e tecnologias digitais de saúde.

A Empowered Startups também estabeleceu laços fortes com o PACT, o parque tecnológico regional de € 8,2 milhões, estabelecido em 2015. Esta instalação de última geração serve como uma base sólida de operações a partir da qual os participantes do HQA podem expandir suas redes profissionais em Portugal.

Refer HR – Find talent. Save money. Get rewards.

Refer HR – Find talent. Save money. Get rewards.

Referral-based employment app, Refer HR, launches providing cash incentives to job seekers and network referrers

Vancouver, B.C, March 8, 2021 – Terrific news from another startup in incubation at Empowered Startups. Refer HR is excited to announce the launch of its job recruitment app on Monday March 8, 2021. As companies rebound from COVID-19 and start hiring, there is a better way to find high quality candidates. Research indicates that the best employees come through referrals. Refer HR uses this time-tested way to intelligently match job opportunities with high-quality candidates.
“It’s not about the money that a company can spend to hire a candidate, it’s about finding the right fit.”

— Billy So, Founder and CEO

Refer HR is the future of HR and transforming the way people look for work.

Job Seekers get paid for getting a job

Yeah, you read that right! Earn a cash incentive of 1% of your yearly pay if you are hired through Refer HR. Find your dream job by searching our comprehensive collection of career opportunities—or sit back and let your peers refer you.

Referrers turn your connections into cash

With Refer HR, anyone can be a recruiter. Search thousands of jobs in your industry and recommend your peers. You’ll earn cash incentives of 5% of the total yearly compensation package if your candidates are hired…and finally get your one friend off your couch and back into the workforce. Watch your circle grow as you connect your colleagues, classmates and coworkers with companies looking for qualified candidates.

Employers find better candidates for less

Cut down on search time by trusting the people who know your industry inside and out to recommend top talent from their own networks. Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire than employees sourced through traditional career sites. Get better candidates for less than the price tag of traditional recruitment agencies with our reliable, cost-effective peer recommendation model.

Create an account to start your search

Join the fastest-growing online professional network and start earning rewards today. Refer HR is the only online professional network you need. Whether you’re looking to fill an open position, find a new job or connect with an old classmate, you can do it all in one convenient location. You might even make some cash while you’re at it!

Sign up on Refer HR

About Refer HR / Blist Jobs Inc.

Blist Jobs Inc, founded in 2019, is an innovator in the employment technology and recruiting industries.

Refer HR, its first product, is an easy-to-use referral platform that intelligently matches opportunities with high-quality candidates.


Contact Information

Billy So – CEO
Email:              [email protected]

Kobe Tang – Business Development Manager
Email:              [email protected]

Address:    420-744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5