Refer HR – Find talent. Save money. Get rewards.

Refer HR – Find talent. Save money. Get rewards.

Referral-based employment app, Refer HR, launches providing cash incentives to job seekers and network referrers

Vancouver, B.C, March 8, 2021 – Terrific news from another startup in incubation at Empowered Startups. Refer HR is excited to announce the launch of its job recruitment app on Monday March 8, 2021. As companies rebound from COVID-19 and start hiring, there is a better way to find high quality candidates. Research indicates that the best employees come through referrals. Refer HR uses this time-tested way to intelligently match job opportunities with high-quality candidates.
“It’s not about the money that a company can spend to hire a candidate, it’s about finding the right fit.”

— Billy So, Founder and CEO

Refer HR is the future of HR and transforming the way people look for work.

Job Seekers get paid for getting a job

Yeah, you read that right! Earn a cash incentive of 1% of your yearly pay if you are hired through Refer HR. Find your dream job by searching our comprehensive collection of career opportunities—or sit back and let your peers refer you.

Referrers turn your connections into cash

With Refer HR, anyone can be a recruiter. Search thousands of jobs in your industry and recommend your peers. You’ll earn cash incentives of 5% of the total yearly compensation package if your candidates are hired…and finally get your one friend off your couch and back into the workforce. Watch your circle grow as you connect your colleagues, classmates and coworkers with companies looking for qualified candidates.

Employers find better candidates for less

Cut down on search time by trusting the people who know your industry inside and out to recommend top talent from their own networks. Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire than employees sourced through traditional career sites. Get better candidates for less than the price tag of traditional recruitment agencies with our reliable, cost-effective peer recommendation model.

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Join the fastest-growing online professional network and start earning rewards today. Refer HR is the only online professional network you need. Whether you’re looking to fill an open position, find a new job or connect with an old classmate, you can do it all in one convenient location. You might even make some cash while you’re at it!

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About Refer HR / Blist Jobs Inc.

Blist Jobs Inc, founded in 2019, is an innovator in the employment technology and recruiting industries.

Refer HR, its first product, is an easy-to-use referral platform that intelligently matches opportunities with high-quality candidates.


Contact Information

Billy So – CEO
Email:              [email protected]

Kobe Tang – Business Development Manager
Email:              [email protected]

Address:    420-744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5



Online GSA Platform Live

Online GSA Platform Live

Our Online GSA platform has launched and is now available to aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs globally. As a leader in global Startup, we are excited to share an innovative solution that allows entrepreneurs to gain the mentorship and training necessary to most successfully launch a new business into the global ecosystem. This new platform enables start-uppers from anywhere in the world to participate on their own time and from their unique location, allowing them to balance the competing demands of a busy life with start up aspirations.

The Online GSA pairs every entrepreneur with an experienced mentor, and guides them on a path to saving time and money by de-risking their Startup idea. Our innovative program takes an entrepreneur and their idea through the initial stage of Lean Startup methodology that focuses on finding problem/solution fit.

Empowered Startups em STARTUP LAB

Empowered Startups em STARTUP LAB

A Empowered Startups espera abrir uma incubadora na capital, no STARTUP LAB, em Lisboa.

Com uma conceituada firma de advocacia, a SRS Advogados, esta incubadora oferece aos empresários transnacionais acesso imediato a profissionais altamente qualificados e redes que prosperam dentro do reconhecido dinamismo do ecossistema de startups de Lisboa

Empowered Startups at STARTUP LAB

Empowered Startups looks forward to opening a regional incubator in the capital, at STARTUP LAB in Lisboa.

Lo-located with a prestigious law firm, SRS Advogados, this incubator will offer transnational entrepreneurs ready access to highly qualified professionals and networks thriving within the renowned momentum of the Lisboa startup ecosystem.

Empowered Startups em BEP

Empowered Startups em BEP

A Empowered Startups tem o prazer de localizar a sua incubadora regional do norte central de Portugal nas instalações altamente modernas do Brigantia EcoPark.

Co-localizada com um instituto de pesquisa bem equipado e uma incubadora Start Up Visa certificada pelo governo português, esta localização é uma plataforma ideal para empreendimentos inovadores que estão desenvolvendo soluções de ponta para serem lançadas nos mercados globais.

A forte relação entre as Empowered Startups e o BEP cria oportunidades e uma via suave para os empreendedores transnacionais para impulsionar a inovação no sentido de um crescimento exponencial em escala global.

Empowered Startups at BEP

Empowered Startups is delighted to locate its central northern Portugal regional incubator within the highly modern facilities of Brigantia EcoPark.

Co-located with a well-appointed research institute and a Portuguese government certified Start Up Visa incubator, this location is an ideal launch pad for innovative ventures that are developing state-of-the-art solutions to be launched in global markets.

The strong relationship between Empowered Startups and BEP creates opportunities and a smooth path for transnational entrepreneurs to drive innovation forward towards exponential growth on a global scale.

Empowered Startups em Incub Up – ANPME

Empowered Startups em Incub Up – ANPME

A incubadora regional costeira do norte para Empowered Startups está localizada dentro do Incub Up, o dinâmico hub de startups hospedado pela ANPME, no Porto.

Como uma instalação de rede profissional e uma incubadora Start Up Visa certificada, a Incub Up oferece oportunidades de empreendedores transnacionais para aprofundar suas conexões locais ao mesmo tempo em que lançam para mercados globais.

Empowered Startups at Incub Up – ANPME

The northern coastal regional incubator for Empowered Startups is located within Incub Up, the dynamic startup hub hosted by ANPME, in Porto.

As both a professional networking facility and a certified Start Up Visa incubator, Incub Up offers transnational entrepreneurs opportunities to deepen their local connections while launching to global markets.