Building the dream – Dream Cantec Systems receives two-year grant

Building the dream – Dream Cantec Systems receives two-year grant

Building the dream – Dream Cantec Systems receives two-year grant from Mitacs Accelerate Program

VANCOUVER, Jan. 30, 2020 – Dream Cantec Systems Inc. (DCS), a startup in incubation at Empowered Startups Ltd, is pleased to report that its collaborative research project with Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering has been approved for a $60,000 two-year grant from the Mitacs Accelerate Program. The partnership will research the impact of the ambient sleep environment on sleep quality and experiment with a proof of concept to help users to optimize their sleep environment. This grant enables Dream Cantec Systems Inc. to conduct further research in support of developing its DREAM device.

About the Dream Cantec Systems / SFU partnership

Dream Cantec Systems is committed to bringing users the best in sleep quality, mental clarity, and focus by developing revolutionary sleep support technologies through integration with smart home technology. DCS leverages smart home and IoT technology to automate the sleep environment and improve sleep quality.

“This partnership accelerates the development of Dream Cantec Systems’ DREAM device by leveraging our R&D capital and providing the skilled-talent and research that will enable us to help our customers get the critical sleep they need to live healthy, productive, and happy lives.” – Tuyen Do Nang, CEO of Dream Cantec Systems Inc.

SFU is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities. Its School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering has an esteemed reputation in its field for providing research and development with a strong focus on practical, product-oriented solutions. The faculty and students are also deeply collaborative with industry with a hands-on entrepreneurial spirit.

“We are very excited about this research partnership with Dream Cantec Systems through Mitacs. Our expertise in sleep studies and cutting-edge IoT technologies will help the company’s DREAM device to have a competitive advantage on the world stage. And, for SFU researchers, it provides the chance to develop a product that will have positive effects in the real world.” – Dr. Edward Park, Director, SFU School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering.

 Research can help break dependence on sedatives to aid sleep

This research partnership will help broaden the understanding of how wearables and environmental sensors can provide consumers with better control over their sleep environment and sleep quality without dependence on sedatives to aid sleep onset and sleep. There is a tremendous opportunity for IoT-based sleep monitoring and machine learning to not only assess sleep quality but also provide insights as to how an individual can improve their sleep.

Specifically, the project will contribute to a better understanding the impact of ambient environment on sleep patterns, develop algorithms to detect and classify the relationship between sleep patterns and environment, and create a proof of concept to test improvements in sleep quality through changes in sleep schedule and environment.

Current solutions to aid in sleep are not working

Consumers are increasingly including sleep in their definition of healthy lifestyles, along with diet and exercise. However, sleep satisfaction is at a markedly low level. The National Sleep Foundation found that 19% of older adults report being “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with their sleep. Statistics Canada found that 43% of men and 55% of women reported trouble going to sleep or staying asleep “sometimes/most of the time/all of the time.”

Current reliance on the long-term use of sedatives can result in tolerance and cause side effects of chronic fatigue, vision problems, mood swings, slowed reflexes, breathing problems, and liver damage. In Canada 12% of the adult population has used prescription sedatives in the past year. In the U.S, 4% of the adult population has used prescription sleep aids in the past month.

The multibillion-dollar sleep-health economy is a response to this growing problem and opens a wide range of attractive market opportunities for both private equity investors and consumer-oriented companies. By helping consumers to better manage their sleep without risks from side effects, we can ensure that people are able to enjoy and perform better during their day to day activities.

About Dream Cantec Systems Inc.

Dream Cantec Systems Inc, founded in 2019, is the perfect dream maker to everyone. We use emerging sleep science to design smart technologies for home use and travel that enable users to get a good night’s rest without becoming dependent on sleep medications.

Contact information

Tuyen Do Nang – CEO

Email:               [email protected]

Address:           420-744 West Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5, Canada


Faces of Empowered Nations

Faces of Empowered Nations

Every month we will introduce one of the participants in our Empowered Nations program in our story series “Faces of Empowered Nations.” Empowered Nations is a community Startup incubator program with a purpose of supporting the growth of a regenerative economy, internal capacity and social impact within indigenous communities by way of training and mentoring the Startup and innovation journey. We start with ambition and ideas, and end with huge personal growth and sustainable small businesses.


For Tanina Williams, being an entrepreneur is “about having a dream that will help other people and getting to live your dream and contribute to society and it’s well-being.”

Tanina Williams is an incredibly dynamic woman from the Lil’wat Nation. When Tanina speaks people cannot help but listen.  Her ability to weave a story is one of her greatest strengths.  Tania enrolled in the Ts’zil Startup Incubator program with a vision to build a business by which she can share her passion for the Lil’wat Language and Culture with non-indigenous people.  “My hope is to share the learnings of my culture and language with educators, and learners of different age groups.”  In light of the Truth and Reconciliation and 94 calls to actions, Tania believes that the time is right to build her business. She believes she will be “fighting for a standard for those who are experts on indigenous languages and spiritual culture. Our services should be mainstream and paid for, just the same as other services.”

Through the Ts’zil Startup Incubator that is powered by Empowered Nations, Tania is excited to be comfortable running a business.  “I have a lot of ideas but being able to feel comfortable with the lingo and terminology and have some skills on running a business is important, as is knowing that my idea can move forward.”  Tania enjoys the simplicity of the program.  The e-learning has been a highlight with its simple format of the lean canvas.” She says that other business courses have been too complicated. Tanina also appreciates the length of the course. “Taking the class over a long period of time helps you sit with the information. I think I’ll have a solid business plan and a few paying customers at the end.  This program excites me because this is my fourth business course and this is the first time I feel most secure.  The last one got me to a certain point but this one is going to take me all the way.” Stay tuned for the Spring 2020 launch of Tanina’s new business!

For Information contact: [email protected] or [email protected]


100% digital Empowered Startups Platform coming to a university, startup support organization or R&D facility near you

100% digital Empowered Startups Platform coming to a university, startup support organization or R&D facility near you

VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2019—Empowered Startups has launched a state-of-the-art online training and reporting platform for universities, startup organizations, and research and development facilities around the world.

Naheed Henderson, Empowered Startups, CEO – Global Accelerator, said, “We realized that there was both an opportunity and a need for a scalable digital version of the successful startup programs we were delivering globally in a classroom, and developed a comprehensive virtual training program.

“Using Lean methodology Empowered Startups Platform (ESP) allows users to transform an idea into a validated business model. The digital interface helps solve the challenge that most institutions are faced with—limitations in physical space, capacity and staff resources to deliver programs—and makes it easy to accept train, evaluate and report on early stage startups.”

ESP also helps to bridge a huge gap in the research and development world, enabling academics and researchers to effectively and efficiently launch their innovative ideas and products into viable business markets.

Organizations like the British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association and Inria, the French National Institute for the digital sciences, and Invest in Grenoble-Alpes are using ESP and are already reaping its benefits. “The intuitive ESplatform facilitates the productive collaboration we are looking to foster in order to grow our international entrepreneurship initiatives,” said Véronique Péquignat, Director – International Initiatives, Invest in Grenoble-Alpes.

“Empowered Startups’ unique digital startup training platform is leading the way in delivering accessible, cutting edge virtual training and tools to both experienced and aspiring global entrepreneurs,” said Sean Lumb, Director of Life Science Venture Portfolio, [email protected], University of British Columbia.  He added, “All participants are certain to complete this guided and mentored journey feeling prepared and inspired to launch their idea into a real business or a change-maker opportunity.”

Learn more about ESP and request a demo at

YES Platform Provides Competitive Edge for Students and Schools

YES Platform Provides Competitive Edge for Students and Schools

VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2019—Empowered Startups is now offering its cutting-edge Young Empowered Startuppers (YES) online learning and activity platform globally to youth aged 13 to 20.

Using a fully integrated online learning and project platform, YES takes students and teachers seamlessly through their entrepreneurial journey from problem solving ideas to viable, pitch-ready ventures. The program meets Canadian Entrepreneurship 12 curriculum requirements and can be delivered flexibly depending on the needs of the students and school.

“The entrepreneurial journey enables youth to build not only a skill set that allows them to remain relevant in future careers, but also a personal profile that resonates with universities. YES participants learn to use lean startup methodology, and take on critical mind shifts that serve as valuable lifelong learning skills,” said Naheed Henderson, CEO of Empowered Startups’ Global Startup Accelerator.

Paul Legge, instructor and Career-Life Coordinator at Vancouver College, said “This program provides our students with an opportunity to learn about business in the ever-changing business world, as we move toward a society with more and more independent business owners who will command a stronger presence in the global economy.”

Legge said Vancouver College was motivated to purchase YES because of “the opportunity it will provide our students, not only for cutting edge business design practices, but also the potential to develop mentor relationships and collaborate with other young entrepreneurs around the world.”
Sixteen-year old early program adopter Jaden Legate said he is already planning to start a business with another program participant. “I think we will both be able to use the information we’ve learned to minimize our risk of failure early on and begin to build a successful company that we can scale in the future.”

YES is a 100% digital learning solution available for individuals and schools globally. Learn more at

Canadian International School Team and Empowered to Launch Online Offering

Canadian International School Team and Empowered to Launch Online Offering


Canadian International School Team and Empowered to Launch Online Offering

Empowered Startups and a team from The Canadian International School in Vietnam (CIS) are preparing to launch an online school to make Canadian curriculum and schooling options available throughout ASEAN countries, other international markets, and potentially remote locations within Canada. The team will launch the venture and build the online platform from Vancouver, Canada. Through leveraging CIS’ ongoing success in Vietnam, they will extend the new venture’s reach throughout ASEAN countries and parts further a field, to those for whom a brick and mortar boarding school option is inappropriate.

“The Canadian International School in Vietnam is well-recognized and global-minded institution. Its leadership team and faculty are committed to their students success.”, noted Alex George, Senior Trade Commissioner of Canada, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Empowered Startups’ incubator in Vancouver, Canada is keen to welcome the team from CIS into its portfolio later this winter. Empowered Startups brings experience in building online curriculum and training platforms, and in mentoring transnational innovators launching new innovative ventures in new jurisdictions. With offices in North America, Asia and Europe, Empowered Startups partners with research and development institutes in global startup ecosystems, and guides innovative ventures in accessing international markets. Empowered Startups has international expertise in advancing the state of global startup.

New user-friendly app provides detailed digital maps

New user-friendly app provides detailed digital maps

New user-friendly app provides detailed digital maps

Whistler, BC – ULLR Maps Ltd, a digital adventure mapping company, has launched its first adventure maps of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. The app, now available for download, uses advanced cartography to provide detailed, topographical maps of the mountains plus real-time GPS pinpointing. The concept of this app was invented in Whistler, Canada, and has been brought to market in time for the 2017/2018 ski season.

One of the most impressive and differentiating features of the app is its real-time GPS pinpointing which provides precise GPS coordinates and re-orients with the skier. Visitors who are new to the mountain, local legends and every other mountain user will enjoy being able to track and find their friends at any moment.

The app also has safety features including an information screen where you’ll find your current location (coordinates) as well as the local agency responsible for rescues, including ski patrol and SAR. The user-friendly app also includes colour-coded maps which show the difficulty level of runs, as well as information such as ski lift locations.

“ULLR is the Viking God of snow and the honorary god of Whistler so the name is very apt. While the first maps are of Whistler and Blackcomb, we plan to branch into other locations and other adventure sports. We are already investigating other areas in the Sea to Sky Corridor, and I see applications for adventure sports such as biking, kayaking, kite surfing in remote areas like mountains and oceans where traditional maps don’t provide the kind of detail adventurers need,” shared ULLR Maps co-founder, Louis-Vincent Gave.

ULLR Adventures Maps offer easily-accessible and intuitive interactive maps to a wide demographic and are designed for everyone to use. This app will bring together like-minded people while offering an aspirational, global platform to entice people to seek adventure. You can learn more about this app at plus download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

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Blair Kaplan Venables
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