Empowered’s Learning Platform Receives Prestigious Awards

Empowered’s Learning Platform Receives Prestigious Awards

Our Entrepreneurship learning and workplace platform was just awarded two Silver 2020 LearnX Awards! The first award was for the “Best Shift In Online,” and the second was for “Best Learning and Capability.” A huge congratulations to the entire Empowered Startups Team and our partner Leara.ca, who worked diligently over the past two years to imagine, build and deploy this state-of-the-art online learning opportunity.  

“Our innovative and dynamic learning platform allows us to bring Startup to everyone – including transnational entrepreneurs, secondary students, indigenous communities and many more.  It is especially relevant during these ever-changing times when on-site learning is not always an option, and when entrepreneurship and change-making is front and centre to societal goals, “ says Naheed Henderson – CEO at Empowered Startups Global Startup Accelerator. 

The LearnX Live! Awards are an international awards program that recognizes multiple fields within learning, development and talent management across the corporate, education and public-service sectors worldwide. Each year the Awards uncover incredible projects and solutions that deliver best practice and business value. It is a complete honour to be listed among previous winners to the likes of Pepsi, Volkswagen, Shell, McDonalds and Toyota. 

100% digital Empowered Startups Platform coming to a university, startup support organization or R&D facility near you

100% digital Empowered Startups Platform coming to a university, startup support organization or R&D facility near you

VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2019—Empowered Startups has launched a state-of-the-art online training and reporting platform for universities, startup organizations, and research and development facilities around the world.

Naheed Henderson, Empowered Startups, CEO – Global Accelerator, said, “We realized that there was both an opportunity and a need for a scalable digital version of the successful startup programs we were delivering globally in a classroom, and developed a comprehensive virtual training program.

“Using Lean methodology Empowered Startups Platform (ESP) allows users to transform an idea into a validated business model. The digital interface helps solve the challenge that most institutions are faced with—limitations in physical space, capacity and staff resources to deliver programs—and makes it easy to accept train, evaluate and report on early stage startups.”

ESP also helps to bridge a huge gap in the research and development world, enabling academics and researchers to effectively and efficiently launch their innovative ideas and products into viable business markets.

Organizations like the British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association and Inria, the French National Institute for the digital sciences, and Invest in Grenoble-Alpes are using ESP and are already reaping its benefits. “The intuitive ESplatform facilitates the productive collaboration we are looking to foster in order to grow our international entrepreneurship initiatives,” said Véronique Péquignat, Director – International Initiatives, Invest in Grenoble-Alpes.

“Empowered Startups’ unique digital startup training platform is leading the way in delivering accessible, cutting edge virtual training and tools to both experienced and aspiring global entrepreneurs,” said Sean Lumb, Director of Life Science Venture Portfolio, entrepreneurship@UBC, University of British Columbia.  He added, “All participants are certain to complete this guided and mentored journey feeling prepared and inspired to launch their idea into a real business or a change-maker opportunity.”

Learn more about ESP and request a demo at esplatform.ca.

Empowered Startups à Chambéry

Empowered Startups à Chambéry

L’incubateur régional à Chambéry d’Empowered Startups est situé dans le nouveau centre dynamique de startups de Savoie-Technolac.

Comprenant des pôles de startups dans plusieurs secteurs d’activité, y compris l’agrotechnologie et la technologie propre, ces locaux offres des entrepreneurs transnationaux l’occasion de s’intégrer dans l’écosystème local, tout en permettant des connexions avec les marchés globaux.

Étant incubateur certifié par le gouvernement français d’appuyer les startups French Tech, les liens étroits entre Savoie-Technolac et Empowered Startups élargit la portée et l’ampleur de leurs projets communs.

Empowered Startups in Chambéry

The Chambéry regional incubator for Empowered Startups is located within the bustling new startup hub of Savoie-Technolac.

With startup clusters in a variety of sectors, including agritech and cleantech, this location offers transnational entrepreneurs opportunities to integrate deeply in the local startup ecosystem as they connect with global markets.

As an incubator certified by the French government to offer French Tech programming, Savoie-Technolac’s association with Empowered Startups expands the scope and breadth of common goals.

Empowered Startups à Grenoble

Empowered Startups à Grenoble

Empowered Startups est ravi de localiser son incubateur grenoblois au sein des installations INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes.

Étant co-localiser avec un institut de recherche du premier niveau, ces locaux sont une base de lancement idéal pour des entreprises innovantes qui projettent amener les résultats de r&d de pointe à des marchés internationaux.

Les liens étroits entre Empowered Startups et INRIA alimentent les innovations, et les propulsent vers la croissance exponentielle au niveau global.

Empowered Startups in Grenoble

Empowered Startups is delighted to locate its Grenoble regional incubator within the renowned facilities of INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes.

Co-located with a Tier 1 research facility, this location is an ideal launch pad for innovative ventures that are bringing the results of state-of-the-art research from the lab to global markets.

The strong relationship between Empowered Startups and INRIA drives innovation forward towards exponential growth on a global scale.

Empowered Startups à VivaTech

Empowered Startups à VivaTech

Empowered Startups apprécie profondément l’invitation généreuse de BusinessFrance d’assister à VivaTech 2018, à Paris.

Pascal Cagni, président du conseil de BusinessFrance et ambassadeur aux investissements internationaux, a chaleureusement accueilli le fondateur d’Empowered Startups, Paul Girodo, lors d’un cocktail privé. Leur discussion amicale a mis en évidence la promesse de la France d’être une «nation startup».

Le vaste réseau de professionnels de BusinessFrance, comprenant

Mélisande Roche, directrice du développement, et Véronique Péquignat, directrice des actions internationales à l’AEPI, continuent de renforcer Empowered Startups par voie de liens précieux au sein de l’écosystème de startup dynamique en France.

Empowered Startups at VivaTech

Empowered Startups is deeply appreciative of BusinessFrance’s generous invitation to participate in VivaTech 2018, in Paris.

Pascal Cagni, Chairman of the Board of BusinessFrance and Ambassador to international investments, graciously welcomed Empowered Startups’ founder, Paul Girodo, at a private cocktail reception. Their friendly discussion evidenced France’s promise as a “start up nation”.

BusinessFrance’s expansive network of professionals, including

Mélisande Roche, Development Director, and Véronique  Péquignat, Director of International Actions at AEPI, continue to provide Empowered Startups with valuable connections within the dynamic startup ecosystem in France.