Empowered’s Learning Platform Receives Prestigious Awards

Empowered’s Learning Platform Receives Prestigious Awards

Our Entrepreneurship learning and workplace platform was just awarded two Silver 2020 LearnX Awards! The first award was for the “Best Shift In Online,” and the second was for “Best Learning and Capability.” A huge congratulations to the entire Empowered Startups Team and our partner Leara.ca, who worked diligently over the past two years to imagine, build and deploy this state-of-the-art online learning opportunity.  

“Our innovative and dynamic learning platform allows us to bring Startup to everyone – including transnational entrepreneurs, secondary students, indigenous communities and many more.  It is especially relevant during these ever-changing times when on-site learning is not always an option, and when entrepreneurship and change-making is front and centre to societal goals, “ says Naheed Henderson – CEO at Empowered Startups Global Startup Accelerator. 

The LearnX Live! Awards are an international awards program that recognizes multiple fields within learning, development and talent management across the corporate, education and public-service sectors worldwide. Each year the Awards uncover incredible projects and solutions that deliver best practice and business value. It is a complete honour to be listed among previous winners to the likes of Pepsi, Volkswagen, Shell, McDonalds and Toyota. 

Newest Applicants invited to join HQA Programs in Portugal’s Douro Region and on South Coast

Newest Applicants invited to join HQA Programs in Portugal’s Douro Region and on South Coast

Continued global instability has attracted two new program applicants, who recognize the HQA’s clear path to EU citizenship.

An accomplished Iranian executive has been invited to the program on the South Coast. The University of the Algarve is keen to host the R&D project for his IoT startup.

A well-connected South Asian investor-entrpreneur has been invited to the program in the north of POrtugal, in the Douro region. The Instituto Politecnico de Braganca is eager to begin work on the logistics optimisation solution for her agri-tech startup.

Both applicants are pleased that the HQA program allows their respective families to become eligible for EU citizenship.

O Empowered Startups para receber dois novos investidores-empreendedores

A instabilidade global contínua atraiu dois novos candidatos ao programa, que reconhecem o caminho claro do HQA para a cidadania da UE.

Um executivo iraniano talentoso foi convidado para o programa na costa sul. A Universidade do Algarve deseja sediar o projeto de P&D para sua startup de IoT.

Um investidor-empreendedor do sul da Ásia bem conectado foi convidado para o programa no norte de Porto, na região do Douro. O Instituto Politécnico de Bragança está ansioso para começar a trabalhar na solução de otimização logística para sua startup de agrotecnologia.

Ambos os candidatos estão satisfeitos que o programa HQA permita que suas respectivas famílias também se tornem elegíveis para a cidadania da UE.

Newest HQA program location : West Coast of Portugal

Newest HQA program location : West Coast of Portugal

A third HQA program location opened in Leiria, Portugal. HQA business incubation and R&D can now take place on the West Coast of Portugal, approximately an hour north of Lisbon.

Empowered Startups is pleased to announce it has formed a partnership with the Instituto Politecnico de Leiria. This internationally-recognized research institution boasts three campuses, with approval to build a €3M EU-funded facility designed specifically to support innovative startups.

IP Leiria has demonstrated expertise in the areas of health-tech, ocean-tech, and sustainable development.

Empowered Startups strong ties with IDDnet, Leiria’s government-backed startup booster, further enhances professional integration opportunities for HQA program participants.

Empowered Startups na IP Leiria 

Um terceiro local do programa HQA foi aberto em 22 de novembro de 2019. A incubação e P&D de negócios da HQA agora podem ocorrer na Costa Oeste de Portugal, aproximadamente uma hora ao norte de Lisboa.

A Empowered Startups tem o prazer de anunciar que formou uma parceria com o Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. Esta instituição de pesquisa reconhecida internacionalmente possui três campi, com aprovação para construir uma instalação financiada pela UE de 3 milhões de euros, projetada especificamente para apoiar startups inovadoras.
A IP Leiria demonstrou experiência nas áreas de saúde-tecnologia, oceano-tecnologia e desenvolvimento sustentável.

A Empowered Startups mantêm fortes laços com a IDDnet, o impulsionador de startups apoiado pelo governo de Leiria, aprimora ainda mais as oportunidades de integração profissional para os participantes do programa HQA.

University of the Algarve to join HQA program

University of the Algarve to join HQA program

Empowered Startups and the Universidade do Algarve are pleased to announce that they will partner to deliver HQA programming, in collaboration with CRIA, the university’s centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The University of the Algarve is a leader in the Ibero-Mediterranean innovation ecosystem.

Empowered Startups e a Universidade do Algarve têm o prazer de anunciar que formarão uma parceria para entregar a programação HQA, em colaboração com o CRIA, o centro da universidade para inovação e empreendedorismo.

A Universidade do Algarve é líder no ecossistema de inovação ibero-mediterrânico.

100% digital Empowered Startups Platform coming to a university, startup support organization or R&D facility near you

100% digital Empowered Startups Platform coming to a university, startup support organization or R&D facility near you

VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2019—Empowered Startups has launched a state-of-the-art online training and reporting platform for universities, startup organizations, and research and development facilities around the world.

Naheed Henderson, Empowered Startups, CEO – Global Accelerator, said, “We realized that there was both an opportunity and a need for a scalable digital version of the successful startup programs we were delivering globally in a classroom, and developed a comprehensive virtual training program.

“Using Lean methodology Empowered Startups Platform (ESP) allows users to transform an idea into a validated business model. The digital interface helps solve the challenge that most institutions are faced with—limitations in physical space, capacity and staff resources to deliver programs—and makes it easy to accept train, evaluate and report on early stage startups.”

ESP also helps to bridge a huge gap in the research and development world, enabling academics and researchers to effectively and efficiently launch their innovative ideas and products into viable business markets.

Organizations like the British Columbia Institute of Technology Student Association and Inria, the French National Institute for the digital sciences, and Invest in Grenoble-Alpes are using ESP and are already reaping its benefits. “The intuitive ESplatform facilitates the productive collaboration we are looking to foster in order to grow our international entrepreneurship initiatives,” said Véronique Péquignat, Director – International Initiatives, Invest in Grenoble-Alpes.

“Empowered Startups’ unique digital startup training platform is leading the way in delivering accessible, cutting edge virtual training and tools to both experienced and aspiring global entrepreneurs,” said Sean Lumb, Director of Life Science Venture Portfolio, [email protected], University of British Columbia.  He added, “All participants are certain to complete this guided and mentored journey feeling prepared and inspired to launch their idea into a real business or a change-maker opportunity.”

Learn more about ESP and request a demo at esplatform.ca.

O “Programa Anjo” para empreendedores transnacionais

O “Programa Anjo” para empreendedores transnacionais

O Brigantia Ecopark e a incubadora Empowered Startups celebram um protocolo que vise desenvolver e impulsionar o tecido empresarial, nomeadamente atraves de dinamizacao e apoio do ecossistema de startups transfronteiricas.

Brigantia Ecopark and the transnational business incubator Empowered Startups celebrate a protocol that aims to develop and augment the economic ecosystem, namely through the launch and support of startups by transnational entrepreneurs.

Alex Olivier A. Rodrigues
Gabinete de apoio ao Empreendedorismo e Investimentos
Av. Cidade de Leon, 506 |5300-358 Bragança
Tel: 969 573 427 | [email protected]

December 26 2018 | Press release by
Brigantia Ecopark
IAPMEI-certified facility and R&D institute

Headed by
Exmo. Sr. Hernâni Dinis Venâncio Dias
Mayor of Bragança

Empowered Startups is pleased to announce the launch of a new protocol in Portugal, informally known as the “Angel Program”. This leading-edge program delivers immediate, sustainable and inclusive economic benefits to the Portuguese ecosystem by providing a clear path for transnational entrepreneurs to launch and guide the strategic direction of an innovative R&D-driven venture in Portugal.

Empowered Startups’ values its strong partnership with Brigantia Ecopark, headed by Mayor of Bragança, Exmo. Sr. Hernâni Dinis Venâncio Dias.