Newest Applicants invited to join HQA Programs in Portugal’s Douro Region and on South Coast

O Empowered Startups para receber dois novos investidores-empreendedores

A instabilidade global contínua atraiu dois novos candidatos ao programa, que reconhecem o caminho claro do HQA para a cidadania da UE.

Um executivo iraniano talentoso foi convidado para o programa na costa sul. A Universidade do Algarve deseja sediar o projeto de P&D para sua startup de IoT.

Um investidor-empreendedor do sul da Ásia bem conectado foi convidado para o programa no norte de Porto, na região do Douro. O Instituto Politécnico de Bragança está ansioso para começar a trabalhar na solução de otimização logística para sua startup de agrotecnologia.

Ambos os candidatos estão satisfeitos que o programa HQA permita que suas respectivas famílias também se tornem elegíveis para a cidadania da UE.

Empowered Startups to welcome two new investor-entrepreneurs

Continued global instability has attracted two new program applicants, who recognize the HQA’s clear path to EU citizenship.

An accomplished Iranian executive has been invited to the program on the South Coast. The University of the Algarve is keen to host the R&D project for his IoT startup.

A well-connected South Asian investor-entrpreneur has been invited to the program in the north of POrtugal, in the Douro region. The Instituto Politecnico de Braganca is eager to begin work on the logistics optimisation solution for her agri-tech startup.

Both applicants are pleased that the HQA program allows their respective families to become eligible for EU citizenship.

HQA Visa Business Incubation Program : DID YOU KNOW?

O reagrupamento familiar inclui as 3 gerações 

O visto HQA fornece um caminho claro para a cidadania da UE para toda a família.

Os pais, cônjuge e filhos do candidato principal podem se qualificar para o reagrupamento familiar. Pais com mais de 65 anos e crianças com menos de 18 anos se qualificam automaticamente.

Se os pais do requerente principal tiverem menos de 65 anos ou seus filhos adultos desejarem se inscrever, eles devem provar dependência financeira. Os irmãos do candidato principal também podem se qualificar, se puderem provar dependência financeira.

Portugal é um país de orientação familiar, que aprecia o valor de manter os entes queridos unidos. Vale sempre a pena ter em mente um caminho claro para a cidadania para toda a família.


Family reunification includes all 3 generations

The HQA visa provides a clear path to EU citizenship for the whole family.

The main applicant’s parents, spouse, and children can all qualify for family reunification. Parents over 65 and children under 18 automatically qualify.

If the main applicant’s parents are under 65 , or their adult children wish to apply, they must prove financial dependence. The main applicant’s siblings can also qualify, if they can prove financial dependce.

Portugal is a family-oriented country, that appreciates the value of keeping loved ones together. A clear path to citizenship for the whole family is always worth keeping in mind.

Newest HQA program location : West Coast of Portugal

Empowered Startups na IP Leiria 

Um terceiro local do programa HQA foi aberto em 22 de novembro de 2019. A incubação e P&D de negócios da HQA agora podem ocorrer na Costa Oeste de Portugal, aproximadamente uma hora ao norte de Lisboa.

A Empowered Startups tem o prazer de anunciar que formou uma parceria com o Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. Esta instituição de pesquisa reconhecida internacionalmente possui três campi, com aprovação para construir uma instalação financiada pela UE de 3 milhões de euros, projetada especificamente para apoiar startups inovadoras.
A IP Leiria demonstrou experiência nas áreas de saúde-tecnologia, oceano-tecnologia e desenvolvimento sustentável.

A Empowered Startups mantêm fortes laços com a IDDnet, o impulsionador de startups apoiado pelo governo de Leiria, aprimora ainda mais as oportunidades de integração profissional para os participantes do programa HQA.

Empowered Startups at IP Leiria

A third HQA program location opened on November 22 2019. HQA business incubation and R&D can now take place on the West Coast of Portugal, approximately an hour north of Lisbon.

Empowered Startups is pleased to announce it has formed a partnership with the Instituto Politecnico de Leiria. This internationally-recognized research institution boasts three campuses, with approval to build a €3M EU-funded facility designed specifically to support innovative startups.

IP Leiria has demonstrated expertise in the areas of health-tech, ocean-tech, and sustainable development.

Empowered Startups strong ties with IDDnet, Leiria’s government-backed startup booster, further enhances professional integration opportunities for HQA program participants.

YES Platform Provides Competitive Edge for Students and Schools

YES Platform Provides Competitive Edge for Students and Schools

VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2019—Empowered Startups is now offering its cutting-edge Young Empowered Startuppers (YES) online learning and activity platform globally to youth aged 13 to 20.

Using a fully integrated online learning and project platform, YES takes students and teachers seamlessly through their entrepreneurial journey from problem solving ideas to viable, pitch-ready ventures. The program meets Canadian Entrepreneurship 12 curriculum requirements and can be delivered flexibly depending on the needs of the students and school.

“The entrepreneurial journey enables youth to build not only a skill set that allows them to remain relevant in future careers, but also a personal profile that resonates with universities. YES participants learn to use lean startup methodology, and take on critical mind shifts that serve as valuable lifelong learning skills,” said Naheed Henderson, CEO of Empowered Startups’ Global Startup Accelerator.

Paul Legge, instructor and Career-Life Coordinator at Vancouver College, said “This program provides our students with an opportunity to learn about business in the ever-changing business world, as we move toward a society with more and more independent business owners who will command a stronger presence in the global economy.”

Legge said Vancouver College was motivated to purchase YES because of “the opportunity it will provide our students, not only for cutting edge business design practices, but also the potential to develop mentor relationships and collaborate with other young entrepreneurs around the world.”
Sixteen-year old early program adopter Jaden Legate said he is already planning to start a business with another program participant. “I think we will both be able to use the information we’ve learned to minimize our risk of failure early on and begin to build a successful company that we can scale in the future.”

YES is a 100% digital learning solution available for individuals and schools globally. Learn more at

Lil’wat Community Startup Incubator

Lil’wat Community Startup Incubator

With expertise and a track record of growing the state of Startup globally, Empowered Startups is honoured to further its ambition of bringing Startup to everyone by announcing a new partnership with the Lil’wat First Nation. Located just north of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, Empowered Startups in partnership with the Lil’wat community will be running a year-long Startup incubator program based out of the Ts’zil learning centre.

Beginning in May 2019, the Ts’zil Startup incubator will provide training , mentorship and  tools  to twelve aspiring community entrepreneurs to support the launch of new businesses. The program will be comprehensive and deliver a cutting-edge roadmap, resources and guidance taking a business from initial idea through to first customer. Furthermore, the program will certify and train a startup mentor from within the community to continue to provide mentorship to community entrepreneurs in the future, with the opportunity for ongoing support from Empowered Startups.

“I am honoured to be part of delivering entrepreneurship training to the local Lil’wat community through an indigenous world view and to sit with community members to help them realize their business and career dreams. I am certain that this program will support the goals of economic sustainability and improved skills and training, that the community beholds.” – Naheed Henderson, CEO of Empowered Startups Global Startup Accelerator.

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