Empowered Startups is pleased to be featured in the Globe & Mail! 

Empowered Startups Ltd. wants more students to consider starting their own business, so the Vancouver-based global incubator created Young Empowered Startuppers (YES) — a program that teaches high schoolers entrepreneurship.

The program, launched in 2019 and currently taught in seven school districts across Alberta and B.C., takes students through a cutting-edge curriculum that covers various aspects of being an entrepreneur: from outlining a problem to finding a solution and taking an idea to market.

It’s a “plug and play” program that can be done virtually, in a classroom or via a hybrid model. The coursework includes assignments, collaboration and assessment tools delivered in a fun and engaging style that students can easily follow.

— Naheed Henderson, CEO of the Global Startup Accelerator at Empowered Startups