HQA Partner Institutions

HQA Partner Institutions


The HQA Visa Program program gives qualified entrepreneurs the ability to establish their own company in Portugal while making an investment in an R&D project in collaboration with a government supported research facility (a Portuguese university).


Below is a sample of the types of projects & universities we work within the HQA Visa Program

Universidade Do Algarve Universidade De Evora Universidade De Aveiro Politecnico De Leiria
Biomedicine Management Environmental & Marine Sciences Engineering Technology
Marine Sciences Language Higher Ed Policies Agricultural Sciences/Biosciences
Arts, Communication & Humanities Sociology  Construction (Risk & Sustainability) Life/Health Sciences
Electronics Art History Didactics & Tech in Teacher Ed Social Sciences/Humanities/Business Sciences
Tourism Health Research Mathematics Health Demographic Change and Well-being
Archaelogy Political Science Digital Media & Interaction Food security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
Adult Education Social Sciences Health Tech & Services Marine Sciences
Sustainability Mathematics Psychology Maritime & Inland Water Research
Human Behaviour Earth Sciences Languages, Literature & Cultures Bioeconomy
Optoelectronics  Green Chemistry – Clean Tech & Processes Mechanical Tech & Automation Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy
Telecommunications Marine & Environmental Centre GeoBioSciences Smart, Green and integrated transport
Health Tech Agriculture GeoTechnologies Climate Action, Environment, Resource efficiency and raw materials
  Computer Science & Informatics GeoEngineering Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Sciences
  Philosophy Communications/tele tech Information and Communication Tech
  Aesthetics of Music Biomedicine Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotechnology
  Cultural Studies Electronics & Informatics Engineering Advanced Materials
  Economics Ethnomusicology Advanced Manufacturing
    Design, Media & Culture Processing & BioTechnologies
    Nanostructures, Nanomodelling, Nanofabrication  
    Chemistry & Tech  
    Governance & Public policies  

We educate and empower founders to build market offers and business models that empower their ideas to become the best in the world. We guide them through the rigours of Lean StartUp and Horizon Methodology, and cycle through the validated learning process of build-measure-learn.

We select entrepreneurs from around the world with the best innovative and scalable concepts to startup in Portugal, with international reach. We are skilled at assisting entrepreneurs in de-risking their projects, increasing their speed to market, and enhancing the overall prosperity of the Portuguese ecosystem they are entering.

We build startups that define and aggressively pursue revenue goals on this equation: My startup will sell $X of Y product to customers A, B, C in N number of countries in M number of months.


Our valued partnerships provide transnational entrepreneurs with opportunities to deepen the foundations and extend the reach of their ventures.

Our partnership with the Politecnic of Leiria offers entrepreneurs access to innovative research in sea basin technologies.

Our partnership with the University of Évora provides entrepreneurs with access to state-of-the-art expertise in Industry 4.0 solutions.

Our partnership with BEP provides start ups with ready access to top tier researchers, according to their business needs.

Our partnership with the University of the Algarve provides entrepreneurs with access to pan-Mediterranean collaboration opportunities.



The following professionals generously offer their perspectives on our plans. We are grateful for the influence they continue to have on our projects.



Executive Director, STARTUP LAB – SRS Advogados




Director , CRIA – University of the Algarve




Entrepreneurship & Investments Officer, Brigantia-EcoPark