LEX IT Launches a Chatbot to Make Client Communication More Efficient for Law Firms

Legal services should be accessible and efficient, yet it’s easy for costs to pile up for clients and for lawyers to work extended hours while still struggling to meet deadlines. These are the problems that LEX IT set out to solve.

With the help of technology, LEX IT will automate the collection and provision of information to clients with a chatbot created specifically for law firms. The benefit to clients is a quicker response time and only paying for the higher value work of their lawyer. For law firms, they’re able to build strong client relationships while operating more efficiently. Leveraging this technology, they can serve their clients 24/7. LEX IT recently launched their first AI Communicator, which they’ve named Bob.

LEX IT’s founder, Nanette Kwong, was inspired to start the company after experiencing the challenges firsthand during her 20+ years of experience as a litigation lawyer in Hong Kong and London. Now, she uses her expertise to support law firms by customizing the AI communicator to their needs, with tasks ranging from communication with prospective clients, to scheduling appointments, gathering client information and more. 

 “The traditional way of practicing law is no longer sustainable. Lawyers need to free themselves from repetitive tasks that can be automated and focus their energy on delivering legal service in a fast and cost-effective way,” says Kwong.

About Lex IT
Lex IT Limited is a startup based in Vancouver providing a bespoke service tailoring AI chatbots for law firms. The founder, Nanette Kwong, has over 20 years of experience as a litigation lawyer in Hong Kong and London. As a former partner in an international law firm, she understands the challenges lawyers face in their legal practice and is well poised to help law firms harness technology.

420 – 744 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC
Nanette Kwong, Founder and CEO
[email protected]

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