In late 2021,  The Globe & Mail asked executives of Canada’s Top Growing Companies to tell them how they’re preparing for an eventual return to normal. Our Founder, Paul Girodo was one of those executives.

Thought Leadership on “The New Normal” from Paul Girodo

“I’m concerned that companies and governments will pursue “return to normal” by expanding the consumption model loved by past generations. Clearly the world is no longer “normal.” How companies manufacture everything from energy to food to clothing to kids’ toys must change immediately.

Businesses and governments have helped create the climate crisis, but they also hold the power to quickly address it through regulatory capitalism.

My personal vision for worldwide sustainability features a business environment where companies and entrepreneurs make significantly more money from protecting, improving and promoting the natural environment than from doing the opposite. The right mix of capitalism and government legislation can save and protect ecosystems throughout the world while creating substantially more jobs than could be realized through aggressive natural resource uses.

If we “return to normal,” then humans will ultimately live in pain and conflict, and on borrowed time.”

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Photo by S Migaj from Pexels