Naheed Henderson

Naheed leads the team at Empowered Startups’ Global Accelerator program, developing entrepreneurial skills and allowing Empowered Startups to vet, qualify, and prepare ASEAN entrepreneurs for the Startup Visa Program through Empowered’s Business Incubator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Naheed is a dynamic leader in business development, partnerships and communications, with an affinity for collaboration and creative problem solving. Naheed has a personal story honed by a lifetime in the mountains and studies in biology and design, and has lent her development, marketing and communications talent, guiding skills and adventure profile to a host of vertically-impassioned clients and partners. She has been on design and development teams that put to market leading innovative products, led business development and communication projects for global outdoor leaders, and worked to develop and sustain critical partnerships and direction for tourism leaders in British Columbia.