It has been another successful launch for a startup in incubation at Empowered Startups. In August, Scholarist Technologies Inc. launched its language learning marketplace, which connects teachers and students. Although Scholarist only launched two-months ago, it has been well received and is seeing a growing number of teachers and students using the platform.


Scholarist provides a unique experience for students looking to prepare for language exams. While finding a great match on other online language learning marketplaces is based on trial and error, Scholarist uses the students’ language learning goals, schedule, budget, preferred learning style, and a language assessment to match them with the most suitable teacher. This ensures that lessons are tailored to address the goals of the student and they can learn faster rather than having to try several teachers before finding an ideal match. For teachers, Scholarist reduces the stress and unpredictability of finding students by promoting and matching them with students. This enables teachers to focus on what they do best: teaching.


It has been a tremendous amount of work for the team to get Scholarist to where it is now. It was essential for us to build relationships with our early teachers and students on the platform so that we can take their valuable feedback and enhance our platform and the learning experiences. We are seeing that work paying off now with testimonials and feedback about how much both students and teachers enjoy Scholarist.” – Roy Sam, Co-Founder and CEO of Scholarist Technologies Inc.


The rest of 2023 and 2024 look bright for Scholarist. Its developers continue to make improvements to the app as they have a growing pool of teachers and students on the platform to gather feedback and data from. The team is also growing. It has hired it first two employees to grow its marketing and teacher recruitment efforts.


At Scholarist learning is part of our DNA. We are excited about our growth and very excited to continue to learn from our users and make a better product that helps students to learn faster and achieve their language goals.” – Roy Sam, Co-Founder and CEO of Scholarist Technologies Inc.


Experience what effective language learning looks like and sign up to take a class on the Scholarist website.


About Scholarist

Scholarist Technologies Inc, founded in 2023, is a technology startup passionate about helping people to achieve their language learning goals. Its education platform serves as a marketplace for students and teachers to connect based on their specific needs and services. Scholarist is developing the best platform for students preparing to write language exams.

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