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New user-friendly app provides detailed digital maps and real-time GPS pinpointing


Whistler, BC – ULLR Maps Ltd, a digital adventure mapping company, has launched its first adventure maps of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. The app, now available for download, uses advanced cartography to provide detailed, topographical maps of the mountains plus real-time GPS pinpointing. The concept of this app was invented in Whistler, Canada, and has been brought to market in time for the 2017/2018 ski season.

One of the most impressive and differentiating features of the app is its real-time GPS pinpointing which provides precise GPS coordinates and re-orients with the skier. Visitors who are new to the mountain, local legends and every other mountain user will enjoy being able to track and find their friends at any moment.

The app also has safety features including an information screen where you’ll find your current location (coordinates) as well as the local agency responsible for rescues, including ski patrol and SAR. The user-friendly app also includes colour-coded maps which show the difficulty level of runs, as well as information such as ski lift locations.

“ULLR is the Viking God of snow and the honorary god of Whistler so the name is very apt. While the first maps are of Whistler and Blackcomb, we plan to branch into other locations and other adventure sports. We are already investigating other areas in the Sea to Sky Corridor, and I see applications for adventure sports such as biking, kayaking, kite surfing in remote areas like mountains and oceans where traditional maps don’t provide the kind of detail adventurers need,” shared ULLR Maps co-founder, Louis-Vincent Gave.

ULLR Adventures Maps offer easily-accessible and intuitive interactive maps to a wide demographic and are designed for everyone to use. This app will bring together like-minded people while offering an aspirational, global platform to entice people to seek adventure. You can learn more about this app at www.ullrmaps.com plus download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

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Empowered Startups partners with Design 1st to launch three new businesses in 2017


Empowered Startups has partnered with Design 1st, a Canadian leader in innovative hardware product design, engineering and manufacturing set-up.  The two companies will bring three new products to market in the fall of 2017.  The new products targeting a variety of sectors, were conceived by three entrepreneurs recently selected by Empowered Startups. Empowered Startups, a leading Canadian Incubator, sought out the expertise of Design 1st because of its proven track record in helping clients de-risk and launch over 500 electronics products into diverse markets. “We run a distributed incubator model where we partner with expert talent across Canada to complement the build and launch of our startups,” said Amber Allen, Director, Empowered Startups. “Design 1st brings a one-stop hardware product design, engineering and supply strategy experience to our business team. Our search for a reliable and creative full service team that will lead the development process led us to Design 1st and we are excited to work with them.”

This joint venture represents a powerful partnership for entrepreneurs looking to transform their ideas from concept to market. As an Incubator, Empowered Startups has gained a reputation for working with entrepreneurs to test the market, secure early adopters, and provide funding support. The company also leverages its strong network to successfully bring new products to market. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Empowered Startups to support Canadian product innovation working with international clients and markets,” said Kevin Bailey, President of Design 1st. “Empowered Startups is a great fit for our team, sharing Canadian values and expanding our retail, commercial and medical design engineering process.”

Empowered Startups selected several entrepreneurs who moved to Canada on the country’s Start-up Visa Program. Their ideas and skills contribute to the Canadian economy by creating new jobs for Canadians, providing Canadian manufacturing opportunities, as well as advancing research and innovation. The entrepreneurs have been heavily involved in every step of the process and will contribute their local expertise in selling the new products in their home countries.


About Empowered Startups

Empowered Startups is a leading Canadian Incubator for high-potential entrepreneurs wanting to sell internationally. We partner in business with talented Canadian and international entrepreneurs and execute a proven methodology to commercialize ideas. The team of mentors works with entrepreneurs to validate the business viability of an idea, test the market and customers, as well as secure funding and early adopters. The company offers infrastructure, on-site mentorship, access to technology, access to capital, and close relationships with university labs to build companies that can scale internationally. For more information, visit www.empoweredstartups.com.


Paul Girodo
Empowered Startups
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About Design 1st

Connected hardware product design is a high risk business –  unless you have a design partner who has done it successfully many times before. Design 1st is one of the largest, most experienced hardware product design firms in Canada, with over 500 projects, 20 years, and 130 client patents. Our user-centered design, engineering, electronics, firmware, and manufacturing setup experts work as a cohesive team to transform your idea into a winning product. Our broad range of skills and experience allows us to tackle any project, anticipate challenges, find novel solutions to tricky problems, and guide you all the way to manufacture ready.  Visit www.design1st.com or contact via phone at +1 877 235 1004.

Ian Kayser
VP, Sales
Design 1st
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Start-up Visa Program Growing and Successful


As of May 2, 2016 there are 51 entrepreneurs landed as permanent residents through Canada’s Start-up Visa Program.  These individuals (and their designated organizations) are responsible for 26 new start-up ventures in Canada.  The economic benefit of those new startups includes new jobs for Canadians, advancing state of the art research, new innovation and businesses launching and selling into new markets internationally.  The Start-up Visa program accepts applicants from all countries around the world and their start-up ventures are equally as diverse.

Read more about the success and growth of the SUV program at Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada  http://ow.ly/4nt4j0 

If you are an international entrepreneur wanting to immigrate to Canada and you have a great start-up venture that has the potential to scale internationally send us your application today.  https://empoweredstartups.com/application


Bring Your Clean Tech Startup Ventures To Canada


Empowered Startups is looking for clean tech. startup ventures.  Qualified international Founders with the financial resources to launch and fund their venture in Vancouver or Whistler will received expedited Permanent Resident status for themselves and up to five essential personnel through Canada’s Start-up Visa Program.




Empowered Startups Targets Clean Energy Technology


The development of clean energy technology in Canada goes hand in hand with reaching targets to reduce green house gas emissions.  Empowered is interested in partnering with foreign founders whose renewable technologies can be developed in Canada.  Foreign capital is currently being spent in Canada already which indicates that businesses support the development of clean energy and see its potential.   Further, the amount of money spent by other nations (cumulative total of $207 Billion as compared to Canada’s $6.5 billion) indicates its significance and growing importance.

“Renewable energy has experienced big growth in Canada in the last five years, so much so that employment in the sector outstrips employment in the oilsands. Employment in the clean energy sector – which encompasses hydro power, as well as wind, solar and biomass – is 23,700 people. That compares with 22,340 employed in the oilsands. Clean Energy Canada said Ottawa is missing out on multiple opportunities to invest in renewables and needs to step up and give diplomatic support to Canada’s renewable technologies. “  CBC ~ http://ow.ly/Ffz5B

Clean Energy Canada advocates for clean energy growth and development in Canada.  The organization suggests numerous ways for the government to become more involved and urges the Federal Government to place clean energy development on par with government support currently provided for all other big industry startups in Canada, including oilsands, automotive and aerospace.  Aside from the economic benefit via direct employment of Canadians from clean energy businesses, Empowered sees big environmental benefit in businesses that do not create a carbon footprint.  Foreign founders and the Canadian Visa Start-up Program play an important role in supporting the connection of innovative foreign clean technology concepts with Canadian Incubators such as Empowered Startups.