TalentPrise Attracts 6,000 Recruiters in 100 Countries in its First Year

TalentPrise Attracts 6,000 Recruiters in 100 Countries in its First Year Talentprise, an AI recruiting platform in the…

TalentPrise Attracts 6,000 Recruiters in 100 Countries in its First Year

Talentprise, an AI recruiting platform in the Empowered Startups Incubator, has experienced strong growth during its first year of operations. More than 6,000 recruiters in 100 countries are using the platform to hire higher quality talent more efficiently.

Improving the quality of hires is a top priority of recruiters, yet according to a survey by Codingame, 61% of recruiters reported that finding qualified candidates was the most challenging part of recruiting tech talent. From the applicant’s perspective, it’s become more common to apply to jobs online only to receive an automated rejection email.

Talentprise has redesigned the process, offering better experience and outcomes for both recruiters and talent. They’ve replaced job descriptions with personas. Applicants are invited to complete a quick assessment identifying their skills, and unlike traditional platforms, CVs are optional. From there, an AI Headhunter finds top candidates that match recruiters’ target persona.

Despite their recent launch, Talentprise is already recognized as a top 5 talent sourcing tool by TechTimes, alongside established platforms like Job.com and Hired.com.

“What is more important than on time, on budget talent sourcing for a business? The traditional hiring process is inefficient and brings frustration for both employers and job seekers. That’s why we developed Talentprise. Thanks to AI, talent sourcing is now efficient, straightforward, and effortless.” – Wasim Taqqali, CEO of Talentprise Inc.   


Talentprise is a talent job search tool based in Toronto that was created in 2021. Talentprise is the owner and operator of Talentprise.com, one of the best talent sourcing tools for recruiters driven by AI. Employers, talent acquisition experts, headhunters, and hiring managers worldwide rely on them to identify top talent. While assisting talent and job seekers in standing out and obtaining the dream employment they love and deserve.

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