There’s a Growing Trend of Middle Eastern Executives and Entrepreneurs Acquiring Plan B Citizenship Via the HQA Visa™ Program

Plan B Citizenship in Portugal

In recent years, an increasing number of executives and entrepreneurs from the Middle East have been seeking second or “plan b citizenship” in the European Union (EU), more specifically in Portugal. This trend reflects the growing awareness among these individuals of the significant advantages and opportunities that EU citizenship affords. This article will delve into the motivations driving this pursuit, with a focus on the incentives for their families, and highlight how expedited processing for executives via the HQA™ Visa Program is playing  a pivotal role.

Advantages for Families:

One of the foremost motivations for Middle Eastern executives and entrepreneurs to acquire EU citizenship is the benefits it brings to their families. European nations provide a comprehensive social welfare system, ensuring access to high-quality healthcare, education, and safety. This attracts individuals who aspire to provide their loved ones with a secure and prosperous future. EU citizenship grants the freedom to reside, work, and study in any EU member state, opening doors to renowned educational institutions, business opportunities, enhanced quality of life, and of course tax benefits.

Furthermore, the EU’s commitment to human rights, freedom of expression, and cultural diversity makes it an ideal destination for families seeking a tolerant and inclusive environment. Middle Eastern entrepreneurs are often drawn to the EU’s business environment conducive to growth and innovation.

Expedited Processing: A Significant Benefit

Another key factor fueling the trend of acquiring plan b citizenship in the EU is the allure of fast processing times. The efficiency and expediency with which nations like Portugal are handling residency applications is a considerable advantage for executives and entrepreneurs from the Middle East, who are accustomed to dealing with bureaucratic hurdles. Portugal’s HQA Visa, for example, has a processing time of about 90 days, which means executives and their families are granted fast access to the EU.

The fast processing of citizenship applications allows individuals to swiftly access the benefits and privileges that EU citizenship bestows. This includes visa-free travel to numerous countries, facilitating ease of international business operations and fostering greater mobility for entrepreneurs. Additionally, expediting the process enables entrepreneurs to promptly seize opportunities and participate in the vibrant European market, further stimulating economic growth.

With Portugal ending their Golden Visa Program, the fast  processing of the HQA Visa will not be impacted by any planned changes because the timelines for approvals are in the actual legislation.


The surge in Middle Eastern executives and entrepreneurs pursuing second citizenships in the European Union is driven by a multitude of factors. The desire to provide their families with a secure future and access to top-tier education and healthcare is a primary incentive. Simultaneously, the expedited processing of citizenship applications plays a crucial role, allowing individuals to swiftly avail themselves of the abundant opportunities and privileges associated with EU citizenship.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, executives and entrepreneurs from the Middle East recognize the value of diversifying their citizenship portfolio – perhaps at a faster rate than the rest of the world. By obtaining Portuguese citizenship, they gain a foothold in a region renowned for its stability, economic prosperity, and respect for individual rights. The advantages offered by EU membership, combined with Portugal’s expedited processing of applications, create a mutually beneficial scenario for both individuals and the host nations.