Diplomatic relations between Canada and India started to deteriorate after Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that the Indian government has been implicated in the murder of a Canadian citizen in British Columbia. So, what does that mean for Indian nationals wanting to immigrate to Canada?

Visas for Canada Still Available

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, took swift action against the allegations, not only denying involvement in the slaying, but on September 21, 2023, Indian visa processing centres suspended all visa services across Canada. Canada has yet to make a similar move and continues to process visas for Indian nationals looking to live and work.

Bringing Business to Canada with the Startup Visa

One path to permanent residency in Canada is the Start Up Visa program. As a designated organization by the Canadian government, Empowered Startups helps entrepreneurs from India, and around the world, pursue the expansion or start up of their business. With support from mentors and startup leaders, Empowered Startups helps businesspeople navigate the legal aspect of starting from scratch in a new country.

The Road to Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada is aiming to bring more than 500,000 permanent residents to the country every year by the end of 2025. Despite the diplomatic tension between India and Canada at the moment, it continues to be an excellent time to pursue Canadian residency – especially with help from Empowered Startups. Visa approvals for Empowered Startups clients have been approved in less than 30 days.

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