ProtonLabs’ CoWriter AI Transforms Technical Expertise Into Clear, Efficient Communication

ProtonLabs Technology has unveiled its latest creation: CoWriter AI, designed to enhance technical communication.

An an exciting development for researchers and technical experts worldwide, ProtonLabs Technology Inc., has unveiled its latest creation: CoWriter AI.

In an exciting development for researchers and technical experts worldwide, ProtonLabs Technology Inc., the visionary team behind the successful AskYourPDF plugin, has unveiled its latest creation: CoWriter AI. This cutting-edge tool is designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and clarity of technical communication, allowing experts to dedicate more time to their critical work in labs and the field. 

Having facilitated over 700,000 conversations and established itself as a leader in its category, AskYourPDF set the stage for ProtonLabs to take its expertise in AI and user-centric design to new heights. CoWriter AI builds on this foundation, aiming to free professionals from the often tedious and time-consuming task of structuring, writing, and citing technical documents. Its new product is achieving the same traction and has grown to over 40,000 users since its launch a few weeks ago. 

Housed within the nurturing environment of Empowered Startups, an award-winning incubator for promising technological ventures, CoWriter AI represents a significant leap forward in writing assistance technology. The tool is ingeniously designed to support technical experts by structuring outlines, predicting their next words, and providing intelligent suggestions to complete thoughts efficiently. This enables users to communicate their complex and specialized knowledge more effectively and with remarkable ease. 

We launched CoWriter AI to provide every researcher with a personal writing coach to communicate their work quickly, clearly, and effortlessly. The user adoption over the past few weeks shows that we have started to deliver on that mission.” 

Isaac David, Co-Founder and CEO of ProtonLabs Technology Inc.

One of the standout features of CoWriter AI is its powerful capability to summarize and cite research materials quickly. Through its digital repository, users can easily access, organize, and reference the research essential for their writing, streamlining the process of creating accurate and well-supported technical documents. The seamless citation support further ensures that users can give proper credit to existing work without the usual hassle associated with manual citation practices. 

The launch of CoWriter AI marks a significant milestone in ProtonLabs Technology Inc.’s journey. It reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to solve real-world problems faced by professionals in technical fields. By addressing the specific needs of researchers and technical experts, CoWriter AI enhances productivity and contributes to the broader goal of advancing knowledge and innovation. 

Researchers, technical experts, and anyone creating technical documentation can try CoWriter AI for free to experience its transformative potential firsthand. 

“We are excited about the features we are rolling out for CoWriter AI in the coming months. We will enable users to extract references directly from uploaded documents, add reference suggestions from web sources, and check for plagiarism directly from the editor.”

Isaac David, Co-Founder and CEO of ProtonLabs Technology Inc. 

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About ProtonLabs Technology Inc. 

ProtonLabs Technology Inc., founded in 2024, is a leading startup using AI to advance research and technical writing. Its first product, AskYourPDF, is one of the leading GPTs in its category on ChatGPT and has facilitated over 700,000 conversations. 

Its latest product, CoWriter AI, is designed to revolutionize how researchers and technical experts convey complex information, freeing them to focus more on their invaluable work in the lab or the field. 

In addition, it is developing an AI-powered legal assistant called Precedent AI, which is currently in its beta phase. 

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Isaac David – Co-Founder and CEO 
Email – [email protected]