Empowered Startups Incubation in Action: How AmiChat Leveraged Empowered Startups’ Methodology, Network, and Mentorship

How AmiChat leveraged Empowered Startups’ methodology, network, and mentorship to rapidly advance its startup in Canada Moving to…


How AmiChat leveraged Empowered Startups’ methodology, network, and mentorship to rapidly advance its startup in Canada

Moving to a new city, country, or continent shouldn’t mean losing touch with friends and family. That’s why AmiChat Innovation Ltd. is launching a mobile app that makes it easy to connect, share, and meet with loved ones across time zones around the world.

Hsin-Ya Hung, AmiChat’s Founder and CEO, created the business model in Empowered Startups’ Global Startup Accelerator, and then entered the incubator in Canada to launch her startup and build a minimum viable product. Based in Vancouver, BC, Hsin-Ya worked with a Startup Leader from Empowered to develop both a launch brand and a strategy to validate the business model through prototypes via user feedback. As her startup advanced, Hsin-Ya utilized Empowered’s extensive network to get support in app design and user testing. She also regularly met with her Startup Leader to discuss progress, next steps, and ask any questions she had about building a successful company as well as living in Canada.

“In the incubator, you learn step-by-step how to build a startup based on your unique business model. I got to co-create a plan that is based on my budget and then develop next steps to move my business forward.” – Hasin-Ya Hung, Founder and CEO of AmiChat Innovation

Hsin-Ya has taken advantage of the resources and opportunities Empowered Startups’ incubator provides to help entrepreneurs get off to a great start in Canada. She employs Empowered’s incubator space as her workstation and regularly uses its meeting rooms. “The workspace is a great place to do my own work and I can ask the Startup Leaders lots of questions,” explained Hsin-Ya. In addition, she attends Empowered’s regular social events and webinars, where she meets, shares and networks with other entrepreneurs. “The events are great and a good time to meet other entrepreneurs who are new to Canada,” states Hsin-Ya.

“Inspired is the word I would use to describe my experience in the Empowered Startups’ Incubator. It is great to have someone who can help you think about your business. Sometimes I would have narrow thinking and feel stuck. Working with a Startup Leader helped me to find more options and opportunities to move my startup forward.” – Hsin-Ya Hung, Founder and CEO of AmiChat Innovation

Since completing the app design and integrating user feedback for AmiChat, Hsin-Ya has selected a development partner to build the launch version of her app. With that process well underway, she continues to develop and refine her marketing plan to ensure a successful launch in 2024. But while AmiChat continues to evolve, Hsin-Ya has the comfort of knowing one thing remains the same. She can rely on Empowered’s mentorship, resources, and opportunities for connection throughout the entirety of her incubation program.