Business Incubation in Action: Zeroes Design Studio

How Empowered Startups enabled Zeroes Design Studio to evolve into a robust solution for the interior design industry…

How Empowered Startups enabled Zeroes Design Studio to evolve into a robust solution for the interior design industry in Canada

Zeroes Design Studio is a Vancouver-based startup designing and building industry-leading solutions that enable interior design experts to bring their skills, knowledge, and experience to the next level through innovative technological solutions such as Augmented Reality. Mandy Ng; founder of Zeroes Design Studio, a seasoned interior designer, and Executive Director of Peter Silling & Associates Hotel Interior Design Limited; used her experience working with top clients in the international hospitality industry for the past 15 years to ideate and bring to life Zeroes Design. During the Empowered Startups’ Global Startup Accelerator (GSA), she built on her experience by learning and using essential tools to de-risk her business model, including the lean canvas, traction modelling, and conducting customer interviews.

In August 2021, Mandy entered the Empowered Startups incubator to validate her business model in Canada. Empowered Startups connected her to multiple resources, including designers and developers, that helped her build her online presence, brand identity and think through her prototype. Empowered also helped her connect to other entrepreneurs. These relationships help her share best practices and learn from other founders.

As Zeroes Design Studio rapidly progresses towards product launch, Empowered Startups works closely with Mandy to prioritize user requirements and strategize on the best ways to demonstrate early traction.

“Empowered Startups has greatly assisted in aligning me with the right resources to position my business for growth. My mentors at Empowered have also helped me formulate my thinking into strategic actions and decisions, and their constant support and check-ins keep me focused and save me a lot of time. I also love that Empowered connects its many entrepreneurs and has a platform for sharing ideas and best practices. I find it super helpful to keep my passion alive for the business.” – Mandy Ng, CEO & Founder, Zeroes Design Studio.

As Zeroes Design Studio progresses to its next development phase, Mandy envisions it becoming an industry leader with cutting-edge solutions that will forever change how the interior design industry operates.


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