We are focused on advancing the state of Startup globally, and our Global Startup Accelerator platform is at the heart of this endeavor. We believe that Startup can be for everyone, and we actively bring an advanced and innovative approach to starting up to a place where both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs can understand and participate.

Our Global Startup Accelerator is delivered online via a specially crafted platform allowing entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to participate on their own time. Matched with an experienced mentor throughout, each participant is guided on a journey bringing their Startup from idea to market offer by employing a unique combination of interactive learning, experimentation, mentorship, and tools.

Our methodology is a thoughtful blend of cutting edge thinking and actioning, that together creates what we believe is the fastest, and most risk adverse way to take a project from idea to market. We combine the strengths of Lean methodology, with elements of Prototype and Horizon thinking, to create critical mind shifts and a road map that guides entrepreneurs down a quick and risk adverse path to global Startup success.



The GSA course changed my working life! It did! Joining the course for just over two months, I found an immense and bright horizon for my business project that was at the time, just an idea lying in deep confusion with me not knowing how and where to start with turning it into a viable business.  – 2018 GSA Participant

As entrepreneurs, we all have great ideas. But this is not enough. The GSA is a critical learning piece that enables you to get a complete picture and a comprehensive view of your project. Thanks to the guidance from experienced mentors in this course, my project has been honed, become viable, and has growth potential.  – 2018 GSA Participant

Empowered’s Global Startup Accelerator course is more than just a stepping stone to get ahead. The course not only improved my business knowledge, but it also helped me to build a validated business model. With the course being online and fully digitized, it is also convenient to train from home.   – 2018 GSA Participant

We believe that Startup can be for everyone, and we actively bring an advanced and innovative approach to starting up to a place where both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs can understand and participate.

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Empowered Startups Platform

A Lean & Proven Digital Space to Grow Startups: Empowered Startups Platform (ESP) is an intuitive digital platform that delivers 100% road mapped and comprehensive training, seamlessly paired with optimized, easy-to-use tools and mentor touch points, to transform an idea into a validated business model. Built for universities, innovation hubs, incubators/accelerators and all startup support organizations. Visit esplatform.ca to learn more.

Global Launch Pads

A mini incubator opportunity where by entrepreneurs come to our hubs in Canada, Portugal, France, and Hong Kong and find support necessary to launch in each particular market. Mentorship, market insights, methodology training, office space, and access to our technology and innovation network is all part of the Launch pad opportunity.

Empowered Nations

We work intimately on location with Indigenous communities training and mentoring community members and leaders on a cutting edge Startup journey. Through this year long journey, together we increase the stability, security and prosperity of the local community by way of supporting the growth of economic sustainability and lifelong training.

Young Empowered Startuppers

A fully integrated learning and project platform that guides teachers and students on a cutting-edge entrepreneurial journey starting with an idea and ending with a viable and pitch ready venture. Whether students want to go to an amazing university, make a lot of money, save planet earth, make peoples’ lives better in their home community – the YES learning platforms gives teachers and students the best knowledge and tools to make it happen!​ visit yes.empoweredstartups.com to learn more.


Our valued partnerships provide transnational entrepreneurs with opportunities to deepen the foundations and extend the reach of their ventures.

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