Clairvoyant Therapeutics to join Empowered Startups Incubation Program in Portugal

November 6, 2023 – Brussels, Belgium Clairvoyant Therapeutics announced it has reached an agreement in principle to base…

Clairvoyant Therapeutics and Empowered Startups Join Announcement

November 6, 2023 – Brussels, Belgium

Clairvoyant Therapeutics announced it has reached an agreement in principle to base its European headquarters in Portugal as the flagship company in Empowered Startups’ Mental Health & Addiction Cluster.

European Parliament was the setting for the ground-breaking announcement, which was part of an enlightening presentation from Clairvoyant CEO and Co-Founder, Damian Kettlewell. Kettlewell provided industry perspective during an event focused on exploring regulatory pathways for psychedelic therapies in Europe. Clairvoyant  is a clinical biotech company that aims to enable psilocybin therapy in the EU, Canada and the UK for the purpose of treating patients living with Alcohol Use Disorder. Already well into its Phase 2b clinical trials, Clairvoyant anticipates completing its Phase 3 trials from its European headquarters in Portugal.

“With a demonstrated expertise in research and an advanced practice in treating substance-use disorders, Portugal represents a fantastic location for us to conduct our Phase 3 clinical trials“, explained Kettlewell. “Empowered Startups has a proven model for successfully bringing high growth companies like ours to the country as part of their cluster strategy, and Clairvoyant is eager to join the thriving ecosystem of innovation that’s being built in Portugal.”

Already operating in both Canada and Finland, Clairvoyant will join the growing Health Biotech Cluster established by Empowered Startups in concert with Portugal’s government and several of its higher education institutions. Armed with exceptional facilities and research teams, Portugal is quickly becoming an attractive destination for global innovators in search of world class resources and a desirable standard of living. Empowered Startups continues to identify such entrepreneurs as candidates for its HQA Visa program, which facilitates entry into the country as well as providing expert guidance within its business incubator.

“Building technology research clusters has long been an important part of our focus because we know clusters intensify expertise, facilitate knowledge spillover, and increase opportunities for non-linear gains,” detailed Paul Girodo, Co-Founder and Chairman of Empowered Startups. “But to keep clusters strong and vibrant, we need to keep adding companies at the frontier edge of the cluster. That is where we anticipate Clairvoyant will fit into our Health Biotech cluster in Portugal as they change the face of psychedelic therapy in treating patients living with Alcohol Use Disorder.”

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