Empowered Women Reflect on International Women’s Day 

Amber Allen has never been satisfied with the status quo, whether in her academic pursuit of multiple university…

International Women's Day

Amber Allen has never been satisfied with the status quo, whether in her academic pursuit of multiple university degrees or as an international athlete for Canada. She has always pushed for progress, both for herself and her teammates no matter the arena. Allen has carried that same mindset into the business world, and she has most certainly applied it to the construction of her company as the co-founder of Empowered Startups.  

“Empowered Startups has always chased and attracted top talent.  This talent reflects women employed in all levels of responsibility throughout our organization.  How we think and what we bring to the table can be vastly different than our male equivalents, and our gender plays a role in that,” states Allen.   

   “At Empowered Startups we value gender diversity in the workplace because it is important to keep the balance of power in check.  There is a difference between masculine and feminine energies. Acknowledging the differences, respecting the differences, and then learning how to work with those energies, to encourage the best out of each team member, can lead to great success and satisfaction within an organization.”

“In honour of International Women’s Day, Empowered Startups celebrates our female employees and their unique contribution to our workplace.”

Amber Allen – Cofounder of Empowered Startups

Allen’s words are fortified by the actions of the accomplished women who are enhancing Empowered’s business across the globe. From dedicated startup leaders to conscientious admissions officers to effective operations personnel, women have played and continue to play integral roles in making Empowered an industry leader of transnational startup incubation in multiple countries.   

“I thoroughly enjoy working with founders and learning more about their innovative business ideas, their own experience and helping them find the right program with Empowered Startups. We work with diverse clients with diverse needs and skillsets, and it’s a rewarding process getting to know each founder and seeing what they accomplish in our programs,” states Kyle Kirkegaard, an Admissions Officer whose own experience with Empowered is as diverse as the founders she describes. “I take great pride in supporting our founders, regardless of the program, to help them reach their business and immigration goals.” 

Colleagues praise Kirkegaard’s client-driven approach as an account executive and her ability to communicate effectively across multiple divisions of the company. Her attentiveness, versatility, and curiosity serve her compulsion to find the best possible solutions for clients and coworkers alike, even if that means creating new ones.  

Quality mentorship is a core tenet of Empowered’s philosophy and programs. Numerous successful founders in Empowered’s Canada Start-up Visa Program have detailed the profound impact that Startup Leaders Alexandra Wheaton, Zoya Brar, Megan Doepker, and Lynn Kulli have had in guiding their respective entrepreneurial journeys. Each of these four mentors has provided superior direction and support to founders building their startups while simultaneously beginning their lives in Canada.   

“When I ponder the work we do at Empowered Startups from the vantage point of a woman, specifically a Canadian woman, it’s particularly exciting to see so many female-lead businesses choosing to come to Canada to get their start. Considering Canada offers an unparalleled landscape of opportunities for women, I’m proud of the part I play in the journeys of these female founders as they start their new lives on our shores,” reveals Programs Manager, Stephanie Betzold.  

Betzold, alongside Maya Ramchandani, and Larissa Fill form the connective tissue of Empowered Startups in their roles as Programs Manager, Operations Manager, and Administrative Assistant, respectively. Their abilities to manage responsibilities across Empowered’s many programs while seamlessly maintaining effective relationships with coworkers and clients are critical to the company’s progress.  

“Being the glue that connects our globally operating team in the digital space is extremely gratifying, whether it’s through problem solving, efficiently ironing out kinks, or helping my colleagues feel well-supported and appreciated,” explains Ramchandani, who is as connected to her coworkers as anyone in the company. “Our team is distributed across different continents, and I feel a great amount of satisfaction building and sustaining strong relationships with my colleagues at Empowered Startups.” 

Those relationships extend to Portugal, where Empowered’s legal team is comprised of Joana Ferreira Reis and Sara Pinto, immigration lawyers who have been lauded by founders who have pursued the HQA Visa Program. Each possesses exceptional knowledge and understanding of Portuguese immigration law which is matched by an unwavering commitment to service, a combination that results in an unparalleled immigration experience. Perhaps, no one understands the importance of that kind of working relationship as well as Fill, who immigrated to Canada from her native Brazil.    

“I am privileged to work for a company that fosters my professional and personal growth, while simultaneously making a positive difference in the lives of our clients. Understanding the challenges and courage required to relocate to a new country, launch a business, and navigate risks, I feel a profound sense of fulfillment in my role,” Fill shares. “Witnessing the success of our clients is not only gratifying but also feels like a reflection of my own accomplishments, inspiring me to continually strive for excellence.” 

Empowered Startups is proud to recognize, highlight and support the outstanding women who have helped create and continue to enhance the premium service, operations, and environment that Empowered is known for.