Data Crafters: Manufacturing Profits for Small Businesses

Data Crafters gains traction by helping small businesses to standardize their manufacturing processes and save money Vancouver, B.C…

Data Crafters gains traction by helping small businesses to standardize their manufacturing processes and save money

Vancouver, B.C – Terrific news from another startup in incubation at Empowered Startups. Data Crafters is excited to announce the success of its launch product: Global Standards Management System (GSM), which is a SaaS solution that helps small manufacturing businesses with limited workforce and capital implement quality standards such as ISO and IEC. Data Crafters launched only two months ago, and its solution has been well received in the market. It has secured its first customers and expects to close another 5-6 businesses over the next month.

“Implementing a quality management system (QMS) is cost prohibitive for a lot of businesses. We have developed a software that not only reduces the cost but also enables small businesses to adopt QMS at their own pace. With our system companies can grow in a way that works for them.” – Kamal Vahi, Co-Founder and CEO

Historically, compliance standards have only been used by large manufacturers as small businesses (SMEs) were restricted by the amount of staff resources and capital needed to embed the practices in the company. As businesses grow, there is a great need to standardize processes to achieve cost savings and consistency in customer delivery. Data Crafters launched GSM to enable SMEs to build capabilities in standardizing how products are delivered to customers, improve decision-making, and reduce costs.

Data Crafters developed modules and tools for manufacturing and logistic companies with 30-50 employees that enables them to identify, schedule, and track work as it goes from backlog to customer delivery. In using GSM, organizations create and prioritize work with event logs and task lists, schedule and report on deliverables with calendars and notifications, and review performance through a dashboard and target management. All this enables SMEs to embed the values of accountability, efficiency, and performance in their operations.

One example of GSM in action is Direct Furniture: a large wholesale furniture store. The company is going through an exciting and challenging period of rapid growth. How they had run their operations to date was dispersed through a combination of paper documentation, individual spreadsheets, and emails. With information so divided it was difficult to maintain control over a growing business and expanded geographic locations. This was affecting the customer experience.

In switching to GSM, all documentation and information on customer service and supplier management was integrated within one system. The Data Crafters team worked with Direct Furniture to establish and optimize a new workflow with the software and onboard its staff. With GSM in place, there is consistency across sales staff in providing price quotations and vendor POs are only generated once the needed documentation and specifications are provided. This has improved the customer experience and reduced costs by ensuring that furniture is built to customer preferences and delivered on-time. It has also freed up management to focus on expansion as they spend significantly less time on organizing operations because employees can log into the system to get the information they need. Now with the backend streamlined per industry best practices (i.e. ISO 9001 guideline) on GSM, Direct Furniture is focused on expansion with plans to open at least 5 more stores in Canada by 2025.

GSM has helped us in organizing our operations. Our people find it very easy to use and it is fast becoming the single source of truth in our organization.” – Mr. Manjinder Singh Suri, Managing Director

For Data Crafters, 2023 will be full of growth as it onboards more customers on GSM. In addition, it will be releasing new templates for small businesses to adopt the best practices of their industry and updating the onboarding tool to make the transition to GSM easier and faster.

To learn more about how Data Crafters can help you reduce your operational costs by 30%, book a 20-minute demo to see how GSM can help you get real-time compliance with ISO 9001.

About Data Crafters

Data Crafters Info Solutions Corporation, founded in 2022, is an innovative SaaS startup that provides customized software solutions that help small businesses to expand their operations and grow revenues by embedding compliance tools and industry best practices, such as ISO, IEC, and SMS, into their operations. Team Data Crafters Corporation has mission is to provide the best technical partnerships and deploy IT projects for customers and governments across the world.

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420 – 744 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC
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