Defastra Launches Dynamic Fraud Detection Software

The number of people impacted by online fraud is increasing. In Canada in 2021, there were 107,240 reports of online fraud and 68,076 victims who lost a combined total of $383.6M. As of October 2022, the annual amount has already increased to over $420M (CAFC, 2022).

These online scams, ranging from single-time product scams to full-on extortion, are becoming increasingly intelligent and harder to detect. As more people move toward online transactions for business and personal spending, so does the need for increased fraud protection and verification of online identities. With all online scams, there is one common element: the use of disposable emails or phone numbers.

Defastra, a startup in incubation at Empowered Startups, has launched its data-driven fraud detection solution. Designed to help companies concerned about fraudulent accounts, hacking, or faulty payment systems, Defastra can help companies identify suspicious users and activity and safeguard legitimate users by eradicating fake accounts.

“At Defastra, we are on a mission to eradicate online fraud. Our accessible solution was created to offer seamless protection to businesses and individuals against fraud by giving our customers access to exclusive and untapped data.” – Jon Condouret, Founder

Defastra focuses on identifying disposable phone numbers and emails by providing insight into suspicious online behaviors and patterns. Designed for businesses where fraud is the most common, such as lending platforms, online casinos, and crypto exchanges, Defastra will help increase transparency into users’ accounts and provide detailed reports on suspicious users and activity in real-time.

Defastra has launched two products, the fraud detection platform, which uses domain analysis, open-source intelligence, and technical analysis to ensure any email or phone number is safe and legitimate, and the data enrichment tool, which gives users the ability to search any email or phone address to see where that domain is registered across +200 platforms. Once the analysis is complete, Defastra will provide a risk score and risk level in an easy-to-understand fraud report, making it easy and accessible for businesses to protect their online.

Want to see how Defastra can benefit your business? Try the free online presence look-up tool today.  

About Defastra
Defastra, founded in 2022, is a tech startup addressing the problem of online scams through disruptive algorithms that quickly and accurately identify disposable and risky email addresses or phone numbers. Designed for businesses where fraud is the most common such lending platforms, online casinos, and crypto exchanges, Defastra increases transparency into users’ accounts and provides detailed reports on suspicious users and activity in real-time. Defastra’s subscription plan is available for a free seven-day trial. Contact to learn more.

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Jon Condouret – Founder and CEO

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