Empowered Startups Founder, Paul Girodo, and President, Chris Lennon, met with officials in Seia, Portugal in September to discuss the progress made so far with the HQA (Highly Qualified Activity) Visa program.  

With more than three million euros invested in research and development so far, Empowered Startups predicts that by 2025, more than 150 international entrepreneurs will have invested upwards of 10 million euros into the research and startup ecosystem.  

Empowered Startups has signed MOUs with 12 universities and polytechnics in the interior regions of Portugal and partnered more than 50 entrepreneurs with the institutions since 2019.  

President Chris Lennon shared that, “We are currently working with more educational institutions, but it is not yet the time to announce new partnerships. The network we already work with is robust, provides us with guarantees of success and has left the entrepreneurs we work with very satisfied. We have a very strong presence in Alentejo and Algarve, with 26 projects operating in these two regions.”  

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