HQA Visa Program Booming at University of Algarve 

University of Algarve and transnational entrepreneurs sign research contracts dealing with renewable energy and automotive industry.

Zeyn Angamia with Hugo Barros stand in front of the UALGTEC banner after the signing.

Add two more projects to the impressive roster of collaborative endeavors between the University of Algarve (UAlg) and transnational entrepreneurs. In what has become a relatively regular occurrence, the Portuguese university announced it has signed research contracts with Mohammed Khan and Zeyn Angamia to provide R&D for the startups each has initiated in Portugal through Empowered Startups’ HQA Visa Program. These latest projects will focus on the fields of renewable energy and automotive accessories, respectively, and follow in a long line of diverse and innovative collaborations between UAlg and accomplished international businesspeople.  

“Our entrepreneurs have been very impressed with the high caliber of the researchers and the R&D facilities at the University of Algarve,” commented Paulo Martins, Empowered Startups’ Startup Leader in Portugal. “Decision makers at UAlg recognized early that the HQA Visa Program had the ability to deliver widespread benefits both to the university itself and to Portugal as a whole, from direct economic investment to stimulating innovation to the transfer of knowledge and technology. Our already robust relationship with the University of Algarve continues to thrive because of the exceptional quality of people on both sides of these cooperative projects.”  


Mohammed Khan’s extensive experience in the energy sector is the driving force behind his project, which aims to advance renewable energy integration in electrical grids using Smart Grid solutions. Smart Grids incorporate modern digital communication and information technologies to maximize the utilization of the locally generated renewable energy, allowing a more efficient use of energy and better management of electricity demand. Khan will work with researchers at UAlg to research and develop improved mechanisms for monitoring and controlling the flow of energy across these grids as the world increasingly shifts to using and storing more energy from renewable sources.   

With nearly 300,000,000 vehicles on European roads, Zeyn Angamia intends to innovate in the automotive sector.  Angamia is an experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history in the venture capital and private equity industry. The initial phase of his project with UAlg, Escape Gear, will thoroughly investigate the European vehicle market to identify trends and demand for aftermarket automotive accessories. Angamia then expects to collaborate with researchers on advancing the state-of-the-art in seat cover accessories equipped with sensor driven technology.    

HQA Visa Program Producing

It’s the second time in as many days a member of Empowered Startups’ network of Portuguese universities and polytechnics has signed multiple contracts for innovative projects with transnational entrepreneurs.  Eight different projects have been announced over the past nine weeks, all of them the direct result of the HQA Visa Program. The signings have occurred at four of the higher education institutions in Empowered’s Portuguese partner network, which is set to expand in coming days. To date, the HQA Visa Program has brought more than 70 transnational entrepreneurs and over €4 million of direct investment to Portugal. Empowered Startups is committed to facilitate at least 25 projects and high potential founders to each of 10 Portuguese universities and polytechnics in the span of 36 months through its HQA Visa Program.