Empowered Startups’ work with the Portugal HQA Visa Program has been featured on Rádio Clube da Covilhã. 

The spot outlines how Empowered Startups, a Canadian multinational that has attracted foreign investment to higher education institutions in Portugal, recently announced plans of expansion.

Luciano Ribeiro, mayor of Seia, stated that the partnership “will help create critical mass in the region”, so that eventually “companies can be created that are located in the region and an innovation ecosystem can be created attracting people from all over the world” . The mayor highlighted that the goal is to increase the number of technology-based companies in the region, thus having “more residents, whether by those who are already here and will remain, or by those who want to settle here”. 

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Empowered Startups, based in Évora, has been operating its HQA Visa program in Portugal for a little over three years, but recently delivered to the Government a Commitment Letter agreeing to recruit 50 new entrepreneurs, business executives, and domain experts to invest in new projects within the next 12 months, and then to grow the program further each year thereafter. 

More information about the HQA Visa Program can be found at https://hqavisa.pt/ and at https://empoweredstartups.com/portugal-hqa-visa/. 

About Empowered Startups: 

Founded in 2009 in Vancouver, Canada, Empowered Startups’ mission is to connect work done in universities with the business world, helping researchers and entrepreneurs commercialize innovation. It has focused its work in remote and rural areas to attract talent and new job and business opportunities to these locations. Since its founding year, it has supported more than 450 startups on 6 different continents.