Empowered Startups is excited to announce that it has earned Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) Designation.  The formal announcement was published on November 21, 2014 in the Canada Gazette.  Empowered is one of only eleven incubators to receive this designation.  Empowered will offer incubation and acceleration services to foreign nationals with the ultimate goal of leading the development and growth of foreign innovation in Canada.  Empowered seeks discovery-driven technological foreign nationals to propel further innovation and to create high value jobs for Canadians.

To apply for a Start-up Visa you must gain acceptance to a Designated organization for your innovative business concept.  If accepted by a Designated organization, that organization will issue you a Letter of Support and you can apply for permanent residency.  The current processing times for permanent residency through this program are extremely fast as compared to other programs in Canada.  The Start-up Visa Program appeals to foreign entrepreneurs, some whom will create highly successful companies, as it offers them certainty for immigration while benefitting Canada’s economic needs for immigration.

For more information on Empowered’s Designation or the Start-up Visa Program please contact [email protected]