Empowered Startups Releases New HQA Video: Ask the Expert – Portugal HQA Visa™

Ask an expert video

Portugal remains an extremely desirable destination for those in search of relocation to a European country, a second residence, or, perhaps, a more stable option for the future. For accomplished individuals in search of a pathway to Portugal, the most direct, efficient and effective manner in which to earn residency is the HQA Visa™ program.

As the only government-endorsed delivery partner of the HQA Visa, Empowered Startups has established strong relationships in Portugal and assembled all the resources necessary for making the program both straightforward and successful. Empowered Startups has partnered with more than a dozen higher education institutions and created an accomplished team of Portuguese professionals to ensure the needs of our qualified entrepreneurs are handled with ease. One of our highly-regarded associates is Joana Ferreira Reis,  a partner at Reis Pinto Law, who specializes in immigration and has answers to the questions many prospective clients have about the HQA Visa itself as well as some of the important details of the program.

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The HQA Visa program provides a direct path to Portugal that is beneficial in various respects for both immigrating professionals and the country itself. More information on the HQA Visa program is available here    https://empoweredstartups.com/portugal-hqa-visa/