Why Entrepreneurs Should Pursue Their Business in Portugal

Researching where to take your next business venture can be complicated. There are so many factors to consider…

Why Entrepreneurs Should Move to Portugal
Researching where to take your next business venture can be complicated. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to investing and immigrating, it can be hard to narrow down where in the world you and your family will benefit the most.  

When you think of Portugal, you may envision beautiful beaches and hot sunny days – and it may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of great places to start or expand a business. Portugal however has become a hot spot in the entrepreneurial world. Not only for its laid-back lifestyle and beautiful scenery, but also for its recent investment in startup ecosystems throughout the country.  

Why Live in Portugal? 

Ranked as the sixth safest country in the world, Portugal has focused on making residents and tourists feel secure. The pace of living is far more relaxed than in most countries too, providing much needed balance between work responsibilities and family life.  

The cost of living in Portugal is also a bonus. Unlike other major cities around the world, many areas in Portugal are much more affordable to live. The cost of housing has been a major area of discussion in recent years, with the country’s Golden Visa ending in 2024. Thankfully, there are other options like the HAQ Visa program that help to inject money into the economy in a sustainable way, helping offset any rise in housing prices.  

Best Portugal Visa Program  

The HQA Visa program is only available to entrepreneurs who can fund a new startup in Portugal. As the only organization designated by the Portuguese government to administer the HQA Visa program, Empowered Startups helps entrepreneurs from application to residency, and everything in between. The concierge service allows people to focus on their business objectives while finding their feet in a new country.  

Unlike other visa options, the HQA Visa program also allows applicants to bring their spouse, children, and even parents and in-laws to live with them in Portugal. With a fantastic education and healthcare system, Portugal has everything a family may need.  

Making the Move to Portugal  

Empowered Startups makes moving to Portugal easy. Entrepreneurs are partnered directly with a university or polytechnic that specializes in the types of research an entrepreneur needs to get their startup off the ground. The Empowered Startups team also helps with all the legal matters, making the transition to doing business in Portugal and the European Union much smoother.  

Learn how you can apply for the Portugal HQA Visa program today.