From Campus to Commerce: Halal Mart and the Schulich-McMaster Connection

Halal Mart, a venture incubated by Empowered Startups, is poised to revolutionize the Halal food industry in Canada….

Halal Mart, a venture incubated by Empowered Startups, is poised to revolutionize the Halal food industry in Canada. In a strategic collaboration with McMaster University and Schulich School of Business, Halal Mart is working closely with students to craft a robust strategy to launch their business. The goal is to harness collective intelligence to boost the outcome.

McMaster University Project
Halal Mart is collaborating with McMaster University, where five students are conducting a comprehensive market analysis. Through external and environmental scanning, these students will assess the current market situation and provide insights into how Halal Mart can best position itself. This project will help define the initial assortment of Halal products to be launched and identify the target audience, thus maximizing the company’s impact upon market entry.

 “I look forward to having my students in ‘MKT 101: Marketing Plans & Implementation’ at McMaster University’s CCE program work with the founders of Halal Mart Inc.. Halal Mart Incorporated’s business is based on a strong concept that my students will be supporting through their project work this semester.” Glen Smith, Instructor McMaster University

This collaboration provides another excellent example of one of the core tenets of Empowered Startups. Empowered strongly believes pairing incoming entrepreneurs with Canadian Universities for research and development opportunities that create value for all parties is a critical component for building a stronger Canada and recommends this pathway to its entrepreneurs when appropriate.

“The benefits of startup founders working with universities and their students are far-ranging,” explained Chris Lennon, President, Empowered Startups. “There is a direct benefit to the entrepreneur looking to enhance their business, but also to the students who are gaining valuable real-world experience, credits toward their academic pursuits, and industry contacts that may evolve into future employment. Such partnerships lead to a stronger innovation sector in Canada, stimulating the economy on multiple levels, and an improved ability to bring further innovative opportunities to this country.”

Schulich School of Business Project
Partnering with Schulich School of Business, a team of six students is utilizing their recently acquired skills to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for Halal Mart. This collaboration is focused on refining the company’s messaging, ensuring it effectively reaches and resonates with the diverse target audience. These students will play a pivotal role in identifying the most effective strategies to engage the Halal market, laying the groundwork for a successful entry into the competitive market.

Taha Shaikh, one of the students involved in the project, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, stating, “Delivery apps have become an important channel to maintain the health of the food & grocery industries. With the Muslim population in Canada growing larger, there is an untapped opportunity for Halal Mart to take advantage of. As future graduates of marketing, we are so excited to be able to make this service concept into a reality and enter a fast-growing market.”

Halal Mart’s partnerships with McMaster University and Schulich School of Business exemplify the power of collective intelligence in driving transformative outcomes. The synergy between academia and industry not only enhances the success potential for Halal Mart but also provides students with invaluable real-world experience. These collaborations underscore the significance of creating impactful, real-world projects for students, allowing them to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to make a tangible difference. As Halal Mart strides towards redefining the Canadian Halal food industry, the dual benefits of strategic partnerships and experiential learning contribute to a promising future for all constituents involved.

About Halal Mart
Halal Mart stands on the brink of establishing itself as Canada’s foremost Halal online marketplace, offering a diverse array of 100% certified Halal food products. The platform’s unique value proposition is rooted in its dedication to providing a range of multi-cuisine options, ensuring convenient access to a diverse selection of Halal products, and introducing an innovative hybrid shipping service for seamless city-to-city transfers.

Contact Information

Haitham Ibrahim Mousa, Co-Founder & CEO

Email: [email protected]
Address:  151B York Street, London ON Canada N6A 1A8

Photo by Joshua Rawson on Unsplash