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How WellSpring leveraged the Empowered Startups’ methodology, network, and mentorship to rapidly advance its startup in Canada WellSpring…

How WellSpring leveraged the Empowered Startups’ methodology, network, and mentorship to rapidly advance its startup in Canada

WellSpring Data is a Vancouver-based SaaS company that helps individuals manage their medical conditions by monitoring and managing real-time data from wearable devices and sharing the data insights with the patient’s designated medical professionals.

After developing his startup idea and defining the business model in Empowered’s Global Startup Accelerator, Kin Tung entered Empowered Startups’ incubator to validate his business model and launch his startup in Canada. A Startup Leader worked with Kin to create a strategy within his budget that enabled him to gather feedback on his software prototypes and uncover a scalable business model.

“In the incubator, the path is smooth. The Startup Leader is very helpful in identifying what are the critical next steps and creating a strategy and options that fit with the time and budget for the startup. Startup Leaders are very helpful in how they communicate but let the decisions be made by the founder.” – Kin Tung, CEO of WellSpring Data.

The incubation program and Startup Leader then supported Kin in his execution of the strategy by helping to structure user testing, developing job descriptions, interviewing potential interns, and providing continual feedback on execution. The Startup Leader also connected Kin with partners in market research, branding, and software development. While in incubation Kin got the most out of Empowered’s community by working out of the shared workspace in downtown Vancouver, attending our regular webinars, and accessing complimentary educational programs through the wider Empowered network.

“The Startup Leader always gives the best advice. The communication is very convenient and instant. Whether in meetings or using instant messaging, entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and ask questions in all areas of starting and growing a business in Canada.” – Kin Tung, CEO of WellSpring Data

WellSpring continues to rapidly advance as it has validated its solution with general practitioners and medical specialists. In 2023 it will build out a launch team that balances Kin’s medical expertise by bringing in a co-founder and business development leader. Kin can continue to rely on Empowered’s mentorship, advice, and extensive network as he builds out an all-star team, launches his product, and begins fundraising.

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