NT Water Technologies receives grant to integrate AI into municipal water management

NT Water Technologies, a startup in incubation at Empowered Startups, has received a $7,500 Mitacs grant to hire a Master of Civil Engineering student from Concordia University to conduct research on Canadian municipalities’ approach to managing water leaks and pipe malfunctions.

Many industries have applied artificial intelligence (AI) systems to improve operating performance and better service customers, however, this has not been extended to municipal water management. With water scarcity becoming an important global issue, so is the need for technological innovation in how we manage water.

NT Water Technologies’ mission is to reduce water wastage in municipal water networks through AI technology and predictive modeling. NT Water Technology sensors detect the specific locations of leaks in municipal water networks and provide precise location tracking to make repairs quick and easy. Additionally, the sensors offer predictive modeling, giving preventative insight into locations where leaks may occur in the future.

“Water is one of the scarcest resources on Earth. The sooner we can automate the Canadian water management industry, the sooner we can reach our goal of reducing the amount of water lost in Canadian water systems to under 10%.” Ben Nguyen, Founder

Research on municipal water networks’ approach to managing leaks

Canadian municipal water networks lose 13% of their water due to unknown leaks and damaged pipes. Municipal water networks are old, outdated, and have no systems for managing localized issues such as damages or leaks. Through this research, NT Water Technologies will map out an effective go-to-market strategy and understand various Canadian municipalities’ specific and bespoke needs based on their water source, age of systems, and other complexities. Collecting feedback from target customers will help inform further development of the machine learning dataset and set up the company for its first trial to demonstrate proof of concept in Canada

NT Water Technologies is in a stage of information gathering to provide the best solutions to Canadian municipal water systems. Through a partnership with Mitacs and Concordia University, we are able to connect with professionals in the Canadian municipal water industry through in-person interviews and site visits. With this partnership, we gain access to key decision-makers that would normally be very difficult to connect with.” -Ben Nguyen, Founder

About NT Water Technologies

NT Water Technologies is an AI-powered data sensor and analytics software designed to help water suppliers save money and improve operations. Its technology enables municipalities to monitor water consumption patterns, measure the impacts of water use, and plan operations more efficiently by tracking water usage, projecting utility revenue, identifying leakages, and predicting water distribution needs and future leaks.

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Ben Nguyen – Founder and CEO

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