News From The Incubator: Southpond Technologies Sees Major Success From First Beta Test

Southpond Technologies Sees Major Success from first Beta Test

Southpond Technologies, a venture in incubation at Empowered Startups, has recently completed the first beta test of its online financial education product, Investment Jigsaws, with impressive results. Southpond Technologies’ mission is to provide an easy way for the public to learn and understand complex financial products. The goal of its inaugural game-based education product, Investment Jigsaws, is to increase financial literacy among non-finance professionals and help users make informed decisions on how to invest and save money.

For Southpond Technologies, this beta test was a way to test the difficulty of the puzzles, and the overall satisfaction with the online experience and key features of the solution. After testing Investment Jigsaws with 143 users, 82% of users provided positive feedback, noting the product was ‘helpful’, ‘easy to use’, and ‘of good quality’. Feedback also included that the puzzles were very detailed and that it was a great tool to learn about investment.

‘I believe with the right tools, non-finance professionals can understand the key elements of complex financial products, which will empower their ability to make smart investment decisions. Our mission is to reveal what is behind the curtain of institutional investors through interactive, easy to understand games. The Empowered Startups team has helped me find a clear path from idea to product and from a mission to a full-fledged business. -Howard (Haimo) Yang, Founder

The Investment Jigsaw Beta test also illustrated key areas for improvement in the user flow of the product. The next development process will include fixing bugs and adding in specific actions such as a back button or a timer that measures how long users spend on each question. The next test will include two more complicated jigsaw puzzles explaining more complex topics, with an expected completion date later this year.

Want to participate in the current Investment Jigsaw beta test? You can try it for free here

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Southpond Technologies is a financial education platform that provides easy, fun games for individuals to understand the essentials of complex financial products and systems. The goal is to educate and empower the public on financial literacy, helping individuals make more informed choices on the best investment and financial products to reach their goals.


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