Square Solar’s Modular Solar Panels Are Now Available for Pre-Order

Square Solar Modular Solar Panels Are Now Available for Order Square Solar’s modular solar panels are now available…

Square Solar Modular Solar Panels Are Now Available for Order

Square Solar’s modular solar panels are now available for pre-order on its website. Square Solar, in incubation at Empowered Startups, was founded with a mission to create accessible and affordable solar energy for all through modularized solar panels that generate sustainable energy anywhere.

Accessible, affordable solar panels

Square Solar uses modular solar panels that fit together to create a solar network of any size, shape or configuration. Like a puzzle, the solar panels are built to fit together with an easy buckle system that allows customers to configure a custom solar panel network that fits their personal space. Offering up to 15 degrees of flexibility, the tiles are a durable, flexible, and a simplified solution to solar power. Each panel includes a simple installation kit so customers can easily assemble and connect their panels. With the ability to generate up to 11.0W per tile, Square Solar makes it easy for customers to gain access to sustainable solar energy in their homes, gardens, campervans, and more.

Partnerships and Collaboration

In bringing this project to fruition, Square Solar has had the opportunity to collaborate with top-tier Canadian and International universities. This includes the University of British Columbia Okanagan supporting the building, testing and commercializing of the modular solar panel, the Royal Melbourne University to build the heat sink for the panels, and University Canada West to conduct market research on the RV market as early adopters for the Square Solar product.

Since 2020, the Square Solar team has been actively designing our proprietary solar panels and technology. We are grateful to partner with Canadian top-tier Universities to advance our technology and co-create the newest and best adaptable solar energy system in Canada. – Derek Yu, Founder and CEO

What’s next for Square Solar…

Customers that are eager to get their hands on Square Solar’s modular solar panels can order online today.

In the future, Square Solar plans to continue rolling out product and service enhancements, including an online interface for building out modular solar panels networks and assessing voltage and power generation, an automatic manufacturing process, and further product iterations and modular panel types. Beyond this, Derek is continually pitching to companies and preparing for investment to scale his venture.

Website:  https://www.squaresolarinc.com/

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