How Empowered Startups helped Dream Cantech start in Vietnam and grow into a high-impact startup with over $30,000 in grants and key partnerships in months.

The incubation

 Dream Cantech Systems is a Vancouver-based startup using internet of things (IoT) technology to help people live rested and full lives by optimizing their sleep. Founder, Tuyen Do Nang, started the company after discovering a business opportunity while participating in the Empowered Startups’ Canada Startup Visa Program

After formulating his business model with Empowered Startups as the guide, founder Tuyen Do Nang landed in Canada to begin work on his product. Dream Cantech Systems leveraged Empowered’s extensive network to secure multiple years of grant funding through Mitacs, a partnership with Simon Fraser University to conduct product research, and a marketing partner to build out his website and digital footprint with ease. 



    • Tuyen requested more information about our Canadian Startup Visa program.
    • He prepared some additional documents: Founder information, a scan of his passport photo page, and a few other items needed by our intake committee. 
    • He interviewed with Empowered to ensure he was a great fit for the program.
    • He started conceptualizing and planning his business before even leaving Vietnam because Empowered’s program is fully flexible and delivered via an e-learning platform.
    • He landed and got settled in Canada within a few months of getting started on incubating.
    • With Empowered’s assistance, he found partners to conduct research and help create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
    • He leveraged Empowered’s network to secure a grant from an innovation partner, Mitacs to fund the project, and was paired with Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering to assist him in research & the buildout of his product.
    • He was able to secure a second year of funding from Mitacs.
    • He continues to commercialize Dream Cantech Systems from Vancouver, British Columbia today.

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