Empowered is fortunate to have a deep pool of talented, innovative, and connected Collaborators. We are committed to enhancing the prosperity of the startup ecosystems where our portfolio ventures grow. 

Amber Allen

Co-Founder Vancouver

Paul Girodo

Co-Founder Vancouver

Christopher Lennon

President and General Counsel Vancouver

Shawn Olson

VP Business Development (Admissions Officer) Vancouver

Scott Rintoul

Vice President of Global Communications Vancouver

Dalton Stark

Legal Counsel Vancouver

Darrell Houle

Digital Development Lead Calgary

Kyle Kirkegaard

Account Executive (Admissions Officer) Vancouver

Sonny Rai

Account Executive - Portugal (Admissions Officer) Vancouver

Francesco Berrettini

Manager, Partnerships & Projects Portugal

Filipe Galego

Manager, Operations Portugal

Paulo Garcia Ferreira Martins

Startup Leader - Portugal Portugal

Zoya Brar

Startup Leader Seattle

Matthew Pattinson

Canada Incubator Manager Vancouver

Megan Doepker

Startup Leader Vancouver

Alexandra Wheaton

Startup Leader Vancouver

Colin McDonald

Startup Leader Vietnam

Ladan Fotoohi

Mentor & Analyst Vancouver

Julia Paulasaari

Executive / Administrative Assistant Vancouver

Maya Ramchandani

Operations Controller Vancouver

Farshad Niknejad

Media Buyer & Growth Marketer Vancouver

Sushant Shrestha

Advisor Vancouver

Sean Lumb

Advisor Vancouver

Ben Capps

Collaborator Vancouver

Dr. Mehrdad Moallem, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Advisor Vancouver

Dr. Peter Chow-White

Advisor Vancouver

Vincent Jansen

Advisor Vancouver