TheoTech Solutions Ltd. announces major design partnership for its lifesaving solution: EvacCompass

  Vancouver, B.C — TheoTech Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce its partnership with Essential Designs Ltd. to…

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Vancouver, B.C — TheoTech Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce its partnership with Essential Designs Ltd. to create the interface for its lifesaving app: EvacCompass. EvacCompass is a comprehensive fire and smoke detection alarm system for multi-unit residential buildings. It features a mobile app that not only alerts residents to a potential danger, but also provides the safest route to exit the building by using real-time information about the nature and location of the danger by interpretating data from heat sensors, smoke detectors, and cameras. This information is also relayed to municipal fire departments, which enables them to faster assist those who may be in danger.

Design partnership provides foundation for working with fire departments and property managers

TheoTech Solutions Ltd. is excited to work with Essential Designs on the initial concept design for the mobile app. This design incorporates months of feedback from various stakeholders and will begin a new phase of feedback and testing with fire departments, property managers, and multiunit residents.

“We are excited to work on this project with a developer like Essential Designs. They have done several successful builds on projects that have social impact and address safety, so it was a natural fit. Going forward we have the foundational designs that we will use to get feedback from fire departments and property managers. It will take all stakeholders to realize our goal.”
— Ivan Siu, CEO of TheoTech Solutions Ltd.

Essential Designs is an app developer experienced in developing solutions that seamlessly integrate with emergency services. In 2020, Essential Designs created the interface for the Lifeguard app, which British Columbia Emergency Health Services uses to protect drug users by alerting ambulance drivers of potential overdoses.

“We are very proud to work EvacCompass. At Essential Designs, we love working with entrepreneurs on new products and ideas.  Bringing new concepts and a vision to life is very rewarding for our team.”
— Scott Jackson, President and Founder of Essential Designs

EvacCompass provides addresses safety concerns in multiunit residential

Increasingly populations are living in multiunit residential buildings rather than single detached houses. For example, data from the 2016 census shows that apartments (44%) outnumber single-detached houses (40%) as the home for Toronto residents. (Campion-Smith) As we live in denser neighbourhoods, we need systems to ensure our collective safety. Through IoT and mobile technologies, we can improve communications to first responders and residents to ensure that in the event of a fire everyone is safe and damages to buildings are minimized.

About TheoTech Solutions Ltd. / EvacCompass

TheoTech Solutions Ltd, founded in 2020, is an innovator in fire protection and life safety products. Ivan Siu, CEO of TheoTech Solutions Ltd, has over 10-years’ experience in fire safety engineering. TheoTech’s first product, EvacCompass, is a mobile app that links the fire alarm and security system with smartphones to provide alerts and safety information in the event of a building evacuation.

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Ivan Siu – CEO
Email:              [email protected]
Address:    420-744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5, Canada



Campion-Smith, Bruce. “More Toronto Residents in Apartments than Detached Houses, Census Finds.”, 3 May 2017, 

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