Vancouver, B.C, November 3rd, 2021 – V-TRAIN Technologies & Empowered Startups are pleased to announce two Canadian partnerships to support its development of a proof of concept for its VR ethics and compliance training platform.

V-TRAIN has finalized a partnership with ISM Arts & Culture to develop an immersive 3D prototyping strategy for its ethics and compliance training experiences. V-TRAIN is also excited to announce a collaborative research project with Emily Carr University of Art and Design’s (ECUAD) Design + Dynamic Media Department to develop an immersive prototype of its curriculum through a process of applying UX research and design, UI design, and 3D world building. Mitacs has awarded this research project a $45,000 grant.

These partnerships open the door for the financial services industry to pilot the software as V-TRAIN measures improvements ethics training engagement and learning outcomes.

About ISM Arts & Culture Partnership

V-TRAIN is excited to work in partnership with ISM Arts & Culture to develop an immersive 3D production prototyping strategy for V-TRAIN’s ethics and compliance training curriculum. This partnership will build on the curriculum developed earlier this year and create the supporting structure and strategy to get it ready for prototype development.

“We are glad to partner with ISM Arts & Culture as we continue to turn our vision for changing how we learn critical non-technical skills into a reality. This partnership will provide us the support we need in getting our curriculum ready to convert into a 3D world.”


– Ranjeet Sibia, CEO of V-TRAIN Technologies

About Emily Carr University of Art & Design Partnership

V-TRAIN is also pleased to be working with ECUAD’s Design + Dynamic Media Department to develop a VR proof of concept based on its ethics and compliance curriculum. This project will enable V-TRAIN to conduct further research in testing the viability of using virtual reality to improve ethics and compliance learning outcomes and engagement with employees in the financial services industry.

“We are excited to be working with faculty and students at Emily Carr University of Art and Design on this project and we are grateful to Mitacs for the support. The outcome of this project has the potential to significantly improve not only the strength of the financial system but how we learn. So called ‘soft skills’ have been historically undervalued because they are difficult to learn in classroom settings and measure. Immersive technologies can be used to better improve and measure the development of these skills and V-TRAIN will demonstrate that through this proof of concept.”


– Ranjeet Sibia, CEO of V-TRAIN Technologies

Through the funding support of Mitacs and under the supervision of ECUAD faculty, Scott Mallory Jr, V-TRAIN will be working with a team of students to create a first-of-its-kind framework for producing and delivering VR based training..

“This is a robust value-adding collaboration providing opportunities for university faculty and researchers to stay actively engaged in industry innovation. Students greatly benefit from being a part of the cutting edge of their field as they apply their studies to high-impact industry projects.”


– Scott Mallory Jr, Professor, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Opportunity to for Pilot Participants

Current training for ethics and compliance in the financial services industry are passive methods such as classroom learning, reading text, or basic online modules with multiple choice questions. As a result, employees in the industry report low engagement, low retention, and some instances of training participation being manipulated.

V-TRAIN is now exploring opportunities to partner with organizations in the financial services industry to run pilot programs with the VR curriculum and will announce further partnerships as they are finalized.


About V-TRAIN Technologies

V-TRAIN Technologies, founded in 2020, is an innovator in delivering immersive training experiences for the global financial services industry. We ensure that the global financial services industry is a key pillar of growing economies by creating effective ethics and compliance training that use the latest in immersive technologies such as VR.

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Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash