WATCH | Your Medicine Cabinet in Your Pocket | Justin Vu 

What’s in your medicine cabinet? It’s a very simple question, but for most people, providing an accurate answer…

Justin Vu explains his experience with Empowered Startups

What’s in your medicine cabinet?

It’s a very simple question, but for most people, providing an accurate answer is far more difficult. Medications expire between uses, others get misplaced, and some are deemed ineffective by the user. The result is a lack of awareness about what functional medication is available in one’s home. During his eleven years in pharmaceutical distribution, Justin Vu noticed that this common problem affects both consumers and pharmacists, and he thought of a solution. 

“In working with pharmacy owners in Vietnam, I found that there were a lot of difficulties and a lot of opportunities,” explains Justin. “That’s why I have the idea about Med-ibox as well as the platform, and I made the decision to choose Empowered Startups to nurture my innovation and my idea, as well as to develop the application to support the pharmacy owners and the people.”  

An Online Medicine Cabinet 

Justin’s innovation is Med-ibox Solutions, an online medicine cabinet that will connect consumers and pharmacists to control medication management through an app. With a working background that also includes designing technology systems, Justin had much of the practical knowledge necessary for turning his idea into reality. But with a desire to relocate to Canada to develop his venture and a need to validate his concept, he required the right partner for his immigration and entrepreneurial journey. Justin researched the numerous designated entities that facilitate the Canada Start-up Visa Program and determined that Empowered Startups’ program was the best option for several reasons including its industry-leading online platform.       

“I think my decision was very smart. It’s an amazing platform with a lot of knowledge and skills for a startup founder. I also learned examples of testing and the validation process in the Empowered Startups’ platform,” Justin illustrates as he recalls his experience. “There are lots of lessons, opportunities to test and experiment by yourself, but if you have any questions, you can contact a leader in a number of ways: slack, phone call, email, or virtual meeting.” 

After applying to and being accepted into Empowered’s Canada Start-up Visa Program, Justin’s journey began by utilizing the online platform while still in Vietnam. It thoroughly prepared him for his eventual move to Canada where he was able to quickly transition into Empowered’s Incubator and begin developing his startup. Justin proudly describes how he took full advantage of the abundant opportunities available to him in the program and believes other entrepreneurs should follow his lead.   

Empowering Entrepreneurs 

“There are three reasons I would like to recommend Empowered Startups for entrepreneurs,” he begins. “The first one is the resources and support. Empowered Startups provides access to many valuable resources for development and growth of your startup such as office space, training sessions, as well as legal and financial advisors.” 

“The second is the networking opportunity. This support is very crucial for a startup, especially an early-stage entrepreneur. Being part of Empowered Startups’ incubator provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts. It helps you build a strong network that can open doors for partnership and business opportunities in the future.” 

“The third reason is the mentorship and leadership. Empowered Startups has a network of experienced mentors and advisors who can offer you valuable insight and guidance. They can help the entrepreneur navigate challenges and make informed decisions.” 

Justin says his startup leader and mentor have been instrumental in the development of Med-iBox Solutions. In particular, Justin credits Matthew Pattinson, Empowered’s Canada Incubator Manager, for creating networking opportunities, facilitating a university research and development partnership, and teaching him about the business environment in Canada.    

“Canada is a wonderful country,” Justin states as a growing smile develops across his face. “It’s a multicultural nation where many people came for an opportunity and to contribute to Canada. The business environment is perfect; it’s competitive and can bring you a lot of opportunity for the future.”