How Empowered Startups helped transform FFU Solutions from an idea into an innovative Startup in the Canadian Fashion Technology industry.

FFU Solutions is a Vancouver-based startup designing and building customized 3D avatars to help customers try out clothing online before purchase. Katie To, the founder of FFU Solutions, explored this business opportunity while learning how to formulate and test business model assumptions in the Empowered Startups’ Global Startup Accelerator (GSA). Throughout the GSA, Katie learned to use essential tools to learn from users and track and measure startup progress, including the lean canvas, traction modelling, and conducting customer interviews.

In September 2020, Katie entered the Empowered Startups incubator to validate her business model in Canada. Empowered Startups introduced Katie to an extensive network of advisors and partners over the last two years. This enabled her to conduct R&D, build a digital presence, and develop and launch an app. Most recently, she was able to expand her advisory board through training and network introductions provided by Empowered.

As FFU Solutions advances its technology and expands to an extended customer base, Empowered Startups works closely with Katie to help her design and develop the product and strategize the best places to target for early adoption.

“Empowered Startups helped me both to define and progress my business, but also to settle down into Canada seamlessly. I found the program extremely relevant for new immigrants looking to set up businesses in Canada. From simple things like registering my business to registering my kids at school – Empowered Startups navigated me through every step of the way. Additionally, I learnt from the program to be methodical and focused on testing everything instead of only basing my decisions on instinct.” – Katie To, CEO & Founder, FFU Solutions.

FFU Solutions continues working closely with Empowered Startups to define the next steps to expand the business. Over the long term, Katie sees FFU Solutions growing to become the largest company in its space, providing a ground-breaking solution to the online fashion industry and its customers.


About Empowered Startups
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Photo by pina messina on Unsplash