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  How Empowered Startups helped Scintillant Ventures grow into a cutting-edge Startup in the Canadian EdTech industry. Scintillant…


How Empowered Startups helped Scintillant Ventures grow into a cutting-edge Startup in the Canadian EdTech industry.

Scintillant Ventures is a Vancouver-based startup designing and building automated teacher workflows and simplifying educational content creation. Ron Ejercito, founder of Scintillant Ventures, explored this business opportunity while learning how to formulate and test business model assumptions in the Empowered Startups’ Global Startup Accelerator (GSA). Throughout the GSA, Ron learned how to use essential tools to track and measure success, including the lean canvas, traction modelling, and conducting customer interviews.

In February 2021, Ron entered the Empowered Startups incubator to validate his business model in Canada. Empowered Startups connected Ron to several key partners, such as Mitacs, Riipen, and academic research labs. This enabled him to conduct R&D, build a digital presence, and develop a prototype educational content authoring platform and student planner. He also works closely with several interns he met through Empowered’s network at Simon Fraser University and University Canada West.

As Scintillant Ventures advances its technology into a viable product, Empowered Startups is working closely with Ron to help him validate his prototypes through another round of market research and determine the best customer segments to expand his business.

“Empowered Startups helped me develop the professional network I needed to find the expertise and workforce to move my venture forward. They also connected me with other venture founders with whom I can collaborate and exchange ideas. My Startup Leader offered to guide me through the process of developing the lean canvas, review my plans, and connect me with the resources I needed to progress.” -Ron Ejercito, CEO, Scintillant Ventures.

Scintillant Ventures continues to work closely with Empowered Startups on defining the next steps to expand the business into other use cases. Over the long term, Ron sees Scintillant Ventures growing to become a large company, with a robust team, that improves job satisfaction and reduces teacher attrition across the industry.


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