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Crewidoo launches online platform for Canadian creatives to find pre-owned equipment and talent

Creating a centralized creative community platform

Crewidoo, a venture in incubation at Empowered Startups, is pleased to announce the official launch of its online marketplace for filmmakers and photographers to find pre-owned equipment, qualified production talent, and available rental spaces for shoots and pre/post production. Crewidoo is a one stop shop for the Canadian creative community with a goal of removing financial barriers to creative outputs and providing an online marketplace to foster collaboration among artists in Canadian communities.

Creating a centralized creative community platform

Crewidoo was built by founder and avid photographer Denny Hing Lung Cheung, who saw an opportunity for a peer-to-peer marketplace where creatives can offer their equipment or services for sale. With the average high quality photography camera costing over $2,000, Denny saw an opportunity to reduce financial barriers for aspiring creatives through an online, easy to use platform that connected sellers of preowned photography and film equipment with interested buyers.

Through speaking to the local creative community, Denny also learned there was a gap in the market for photographers and filmmakers to find qualified and reliable talent, and available studios and spaces for shoots and pre/post production. The culmination of Denny’s market research and customer feedback led him to create Crewidoo, which will serve as a centralized hub for creative production, built specifically for the photography and film community.

List your idle photograph and film equipment today

“I established Crewdioo in Metro Vancouver as I saw a need for an online platform to connect the creative community in my own backyard- but this is just the beginning. We have plans to bring Crewdioo across the country and expand our services to become the number one online marketplace for creatives nationally.” -Denny Hing Lung Chung, Founder

Crewidoo was created as a one stop shop for creatives looking to source talent, equipment, and facilities. Instead of relying on Facebook marketplace or word of mouth to plan photography and film shoots, the platform easily connects creatives and takes ownership of the entire staffing, payment, and authentication process. The platform is equipped with secure payment systems, profile authentication, and an easy booking system to provide a simple, seamless experience. Get started and create your first listing for free today!

About Crewidoo
Crewidoo a one stop platform for Canadian creatives to find equipment, talent, and facilities across Canada. Crewidoo is free to use and provides easy access to finding photography and film equipment and build your own creative team.

Contact Information

Denny Chung – CEO
Email: [email protected]