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Navigating New Horizons: Eliqsur’s Expansion to Canada 

Dominic Florcza, Tesha Hiralal
Dominic Florczak's strategic move from South Africa to Alberta and the growth of his innovative skincare brand.

Dominic Florczak’s move from South Africa to Canada was a bold one. As the entrepreneur 
behind the distribution and manufacture of the cruelty-free and vegan skincare brand Eliqsur, Dominic and his partner, Tesha, had successfully carved out a niche in South Africa. But he and his partner had a vision to expand the brand beyond South Africa’s borders and saw untapped potential in Canada. So, Dominic & Tesha embarked on a transformative journey to realize their dreams by moving to Alberta, where they could tap into new opportunities.

Several factors influenced Dominic’s decision to move to Alberta. The province’s low cost of living, preferable tax rates, and significant sunlight made it an attractive place to live. He decided to apply for the Alberta Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, a step that would change his life. Working with Empowered Startups, Dominic crafted a detailed business plan for Eliqsur. 

In March 2023, Dominic received his work permit, marking the official start of his new adventure. By November of that year, he had moved to Alberta, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that awaited him. The business plan he had developed with Empowered Startups provided an essential roadmap while setting up Eliqsur in Canada. It helped him track progress, manage his budget, and ensure expenses aligned with his projections. The reassurance that things were progressing as expected was comforting to Dominic. 

Yet, the journey was not without its hurdles. One challenge he faced was getting his products listed on Amazon. Technical errors on the site caused delays and frustrations, but Dominic persevered. After a few months of persistence, Amazon resolved the issues, and Eliqsur was able to sell on the popular site. Even better, Amazon registered the Eliqsur brand, providing more tools and visibility to grow the business. This was a huge accomplishment for Dominic, who could now focus his efforts on expanding Eliqsur.  

Transitioning to life in a new country while building a business can sometimes feel confusing and time-consuming. Fortunately, Dominic has found a few key businesses in Alberta that have gone above and beyond to help him, which has made starting his own business easier. This supportive environment has played a crucial role in easing his transition and aiding the growth of Eliqsur. 

Of course, the transition has been made all the easier with he and his partner in life and the brand moving to Alberta together. “I couldn’t have done any of this alone,” Dominic says. “Tesha and I are definitely partners in this.” 

For people considering starting a business through the Alberta Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, Dominic offers this advice: “Allow yourself to spend the first three months setting up in Alberta. It takes time to find a place to live, get a driver’s license, open a bank account, and start to build credit.” He also encourages newcomers to get out and talk to people. “The more people know about your business, the more keen they are to support it,” he says. 

Dominic envisions Eliqsur as one of Canada’s most well-known, trusted, and respected brands within the next five years. His journey thus far has been a testament to his determination. As he reflects on the first six months of building his company and life in Alberta, he feels a deep sense of satisfaction. Despite the initial challenges, Dominic is confident about the future. With a pause and a smile, he states, “Five years from now, I know it will be a great success.” 

For more information on Eliqsur and its products, check out its website

About Eliqsur

Eliqsur is the brand of Dominic Florczak and Tesha Hiralal. It provides high-quality skincare products that simplify skincare and promote skin health. Inspired by nature and grounded in science, its patented products combine botanical extracts with advanced biotechnology. Each product features the unique botanical extracts of centella asiatica and vegan, plastic-free microspheres for superior absorption.