Covilhã, Portugal – November 16, 2023Empowered Startups has advanced its partnership with the Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI) in Portugal. The Canadian multinational has signed a research contract with UBI that will be intermediated by UBIMedical University Interior.

“This was the first contract signed between University of Beira Interior and Empowered Startups to allow the incoming of a North American based company to cooperate with UBI researchers and a startup incubated at UBIMedical, to develop an application that will allow the monitor and tracking of kids’ health, with a strong background of API development and health data analysis,” detailed Dina Pereira, Executive Manager at UBIMedical’s Incubator.  With a PhD in Industrial Engineering and a lengthy career as a researcher, Pereira understands the importance of such collaborative efforts for everyone involved. “For UBI, in particular the researchers and startup involved, it is an important project as our team is highly skilled and has solid experience in such fields,” she explained. “For UBImedical, it’s a great fit, as our ecosystem is focused on health and life sciences, and we welcome the integration of the new startup, that will for sure strengthen our community.”

Recognized internationally in the fields of research, innovation and entrepreneurship, UBI is a natural affiliate for Empowered Startups’ incubation program, which the Portuguese government has tasked with facilitating growth in targeted areas of R&D startups. Empowered is committed to bringing 150 entrepreneurs and more than 10 million euros of investment to the country by 2025  and is the only organization the Portuguese government has endorsed as a delivery partner of the HQA Visa.

“With outstanding research facilities and a demonstrated history of facilitating innovation, the University of Beira Interior is certainly an attractive option for proven entrepreneurs who expect to operate in a world-class environment,” stated Chris Lennon, President of Empowered Startups. “In addition, it provides another opportunity to fuel investment in the country’s interior and eventually, even more employment opportunities for Portuguese citizens.”

Given the number of benefits that can arise from these cooperative endeavours, it’s not surprising that interest in the HQA Visa program continues to build in Portugal and abroad. Recently, Clairvoyant Therapeutics announced its intention to headquarter its European operations in Portugal using Empowered Startups’ incubator. As word of the HQA Visa program spreads, expect more frequent announcements of this nature from both international entrepreneurs and higher education institutions alike.

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Image By UBI Medical