Vancouver, B.C. – Humuz Farm Inc, a startup in incubation at Empowered Startups, is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $60,000 Mitacs grant to optimize its indoor growing system in collaboration with the University of Alberta.

Research on growing inputs critical to leverage technology
HUMUZ’s mission is to make home growing both easy and aesthetically pleasing. Over the next year a post-doctorate from the University of Alberta will be joining HUMUZ to optimize seed selection and growing inputs for indoor hydroponic farming; key factors in successfully growing at home.

“We are excited to be working with University of Alberta on this project. When it comes to growing, great technology only gets you halfway there. This research project is critical to enable us to optimize the growing inputs that go alongside our technology. It is great to have programs like Mitacs supporting us in a way that not only benefits us but also the industry.” – Brian, Tak Yu Fung, Founder and CEO of HUMUZ

As a result of this research HUMUZ will be able to create an experience that makes home growing accessible to common individuals and encourages urbanites to successfully grow their favourite plants for fun and well-being all year round. It will also provide HUMUZ a secondary revenue stream by selling the seeds that are optimal for its home growing system.

Home growing has wide ranging benefits
Research shows that having plants in the home reduces stress and can improve air quality. Growing pesticide-free food at home also provides nutritional benefits and unmatched freshness. Not to mention the environmental impact of a zero-mile diet and cost control over escalating grocery costs.

Th need for home growing systems continues to increase but to date there have been no solutions that make consumers want to bring them into their homes with a design that fits with home décors.

“We think by making growing at home both easy and beautiful, HUMUZ can increase the adoption of indoor home growing systems. With all the benefits of growing food indoors at home, HUMUZ is feeding people’s minds, bodies, and souls.” – Brian, Tak Yu Fung, Founder and CEO, HUMUZ Farm Inc.

For more information on HUMUZ’s mission please check out its website and contact details below.

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About HUMUZ Farm Inc.
HUMUZ Farm Inc, founded in 2021, reimagines what is possible to help people to stay close to nature and enjoy their time and space at home. We are combining the knowledge of plant science, aesthetics, and the art of lighting to create a happy growing experience that makes it easy to customers to refresh and re-style their own space with a beautiful home growing system.

Our intended impact is for everyone to have their lives and homes or workspaces to be enlivened with vibrant growth and elegant lighting from a HUMUZ IoT hydroponic system.

Brian, Tak Yu Fung – Founder and CEO
Email: [email protected]
Address:    420 – 744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5

Photo by laura s on Unsplash