Locaholic is launching its mobile eCommerce platform in Vancouver to deliver local high-quality fresh products from community stores.

Vancouver, B.C – Terrific news from another startup in incubation at Empowered Startups. Locaholic is excited to announce that it will launch in Vancouver this summer. Locaholic is a mobile eCommerce platform that connects local independent grocers and retailers with consumers. It is a door-to-door solution that enables retailers to quickly create an online store with delivery capabilities.

“Local independent grocers and retailers are stretched for capacity more now than ever. We wanted Locaholic to be easy to set up and something that they can operate from their computers or mobile phones. Local stores can now deliver the same services as big box retail right from their phone.” – Franklyn Ramento, Founder and CEO

E-Commerce sales surged during the pandemic: increasing 55% during the last two years as compared to the two years before Covid. During this time local retailers and community stores faced increasing challenges when competing against big box retailers who were able to quickly respond by enhancing their web and mobile eCommerce experiences. While some community stores have responded by developing web-based stores, there remains a gap in delivering mobile experiences. In 2021, about 73% of all eCommerce sales were completed through mobile and that rate is accelerating. Yet there is no solution for local retailers to provide their customers with a mobile experience. Enter Locaholic.

Locaholic allows local grocers and retailers to provide their customers with a great mobile experience while maintaining their independence and brand. It also enables them to expand their customer base to a wider market and geographic region through its delivery feature. Locaholic provides simple and affordable pricing without the hidden fees that are buried in other eCommerce delivery apps.

Local grocers and retailers can quickly sign up and build their mobile store with pickup or delivery capabilities. They can either use the web or mobile app to take orders while their customers get a terrific mobile experience.

“Locaholic provides a unique platform for my customers purchasing from us. It’s not like most delivery apps in the market, customers can add my store to their list, which makes my store more visible to their choices. Most importantly, the service fee and commission of Locaholic are very low: almost 5 times less than others. I will recommend Locaholic to my customers as well as other stores.” – Doris Tsang, DBay Foods

For shoppers, this means that they are now able to order the high-quality and fresh-tasting products from their favorite local retailers from wherever they are through the Locaholic app. Locaholic provides both pick-up and delivery options, so they can choose how they want to shop. By showcasing the best local stores our communities have to offer, shoppers can better live their values and strengthen communities by buying local.

“Local grocers and retailers are a key part of communities, and they can build quite a following. However, there can be a big time commitment for a customer to travel to shop at their favorite commitment store and there is also the carbon footprint of driving to the store. We see Locaholic as a win for shoppers, retailers, the environment, and our communities.” – Franklyn Ramento, Founder and CEO

The year 2022 will be full of growth for Locaholic as it continues to grow the local retailers on the platform and expands into new product categories. Locaholic is also looking to expand its operations into a second Canadian city.

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About Locaholic

Beyond the Big Box Inc, founded in 2021, is an innovator in eCommerce. Locaholic, its first product, is a mobile application and e-commerce platform for local specialty stores to promote their products to a wider market and modernize shopper experience.

Contact Information

Franklyn Ramento – CEO
Email: [email protected]
Address: 420 – 744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A5

Website:  http://www.locaholic.io/

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