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Square Solar’s innovative modular solar tiles allow customers to build their own customized solar power system without high…

Square Solar panels

Square Solar’s innovative modular solar tiles allow customers to build their own customized solar power system without high initial investments and complex installation.


Vancouver, B.C, June 9th, 2021 – The reaction to the pre-sales offer of Square Solar’s modular tile system has been overwhelmingly positive and in response the company is actively deploying the next R&D phase to meet the goal of shipping first products in the beginning of 2022.The company also plans to respond to the increasing demand by accelerating the product launch with a Kickstarter campaign by the end of the year.


Square Solar panels on an RV

Renewable energy is definitely here to stay. However, today’s solar power solutions are either space-consuming, expensive and difficult to install, or mainly focused on limited use scenarios. Square solar is a game-changer by making solar energy accessible to everyone and drastically lowering adoption barriers. The modular system allows people to build a customized solution according to their needs. It requires little space, can easily be installed on various surfaces of any size, and comes at an affordable price. The customer-centric, puzzle-like approach allows users to install the standardized tiles by themselves, saving them the hassle of hiring professionals for otherwise complex and expensive installation.


Square Solar panels on an RV.

“The solar tile is much smaller than tradition panels; it actually breaks the limitation on installation of existing solar panel”

— Kasey Chui

The product itself will be launched with a purchasable starter set of 26 tiles, however users can expand the system easily by purchasing additional tiles. A set of 26 solar tiles produces a maximum wattage of 120W, which is enough energy to power a laptop for a whole day. At less than 7″ x 7″ per time, Square Solar tiles are the most compact option available on the market. Its size and the strong suction cups allow users to install them onto limited or irregular spaces like balconies, windows or an RV roof. The hybrid plug also makes the use of the system simple and convenient. Square Solar also has more in the pipeline as it plans to add an innovative, stackable battery and monitoring software which will help support larger commercial setups in the future.


Square Solar panels backside

About Square Solar Inc.

Founded by Brigham Young University alumnus Derek Yu, Square Solar, Inc. aims to make clean, renewable energy more accessible to the public with a unique modularized system that can be configured in multiple ways whether at home or on the go.

Square Solar, Inc.’s innovative tile technology provides users with plenty of power and peace of mind. The solar tiles connect seamlessly with each other without extra wires, making them more stable than existing products. Equipped with converter modules, devices like LED lights, fans, and televisions can now also run on solar energy.

Moreover, this system is the first DIY model available in the market, eliminating the hassle and cost of installation.

With Square Solar, Inc., going green is easy— one tile at a time.

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